Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The BIG 4Zero

And so I finally subcumbed and started a blog. Adding to the zillions out there. Does the world need another blog? I guess not. Not even sure if I will have the energy to continue with this long term. But I figured, maybe, just maybe, I might be able to use this and publish a memoir one day. Hahaha!

So what finally made me decide to start one?

I guess when I realised that I'll hit the big 40 this year.

At 40, I am middle-age. An auntie. (But not a taugeh-plucking one though and I'll hit anyone with my wok if they call me that). But 40 is a pretty big milestone. If I live to a grand old 80, then I've already spent half of my life.

No, no, I'm not complaining or bitter or pining for the good old younger days. Goodness me, I don't think I ever want to go back to being a gawky 18. Wasting my time pining away for a pimple looking guy. No, they were sweet memories but I'm contented with the now, the present.

Which I think says alot.

Plus, the memory of an auntie isn't going to get any better.. so I guess I'd better start writing things down.

Memoirs of an auntie? Maybe?


bb said...

finally! tiff, finally! breakfast with tiffany? mmm... nice... yea, i remember you're an audrey hepburn fan.

hope you persist and we get to see many more postings from you.

aja aja!

tiffany said...

Gosh, that was fast. Were you lurking around on the net?
Well, I'll try. But you know lah, middle-age auntie got alt of things to do and not much time..

But it's great to see you here. You're my 1st guest. Sob! Sob!

bb said...

hey, will bet you my last dollar this: i may be your first, i will not be your last :p

gotta get up early tomorrow morning [& almost every morning, actually], so will go to bed soon. nitey nite.

mishio said...

Hi hi hi Tiffany!
How've you been? Remember me? Ms. Mar-fan? hee, I've been so good this year, right? :)
Flew over here after seeing bb's post. So so glad you decided to do this - have always loved your writing and followed your pieces. Really looking forward to more great sharing in your posts. Oh, and I know you'll keep this up....I needed a few kicks at the beginning but bb's got this way with gentle, encouraging, but very very effective pressure! She'll keep on your tail fa sure! heehee (kidding, bb!)Actually you'll probably enjoy it so much you won't want to quit.

joycebay said...

Hi Tiffany,
Yeah BB is right, will not be the last. Hey being 40 is still great, it makes you one of the wiser lot having experience more of life, isn't that great!

Love to see more of your post. You might not remember me cos I am quite a new BYJfan. But I will be a regular promise.

luvjoon aka chiligoyo said...

Tiffany, welcome to Bae-blogging!! Hehe! And like the rest, I enjoyed ur postings a lot too! Will be adding you into my fav list on my blog.. =)

marissa said...

Hi Tiff,

Very nice blog name and it really fits you too! I'm glad to see you start a blog and hope to read more beautiful writings from you.

bb said...

hehe... you gals are all here? hee, don't stop visiting my blog now that tiffany is open for breakfast meeting, ya?

tiff ah... see? people are coming liao... beta blog on, blog on :p

Toujours_BYJ said...

Hi Tiff
I agree with all sis here, very nice blog name. I always enjoyed your posting, am waiting to read more from you.

Hi bb, please don't worried, Tiff is open for breakfast meeting but I will come to yours for lunch and dinner !

bb said...

hee... camille, thank you thank you for your support...

now that we're all there, where's the lady in question? tiff...!!

hirorin said...
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hirorin said...

Hi Tiffany

Long time no see!! Do you remember me? I am from hotelier2002. I read bb's blog and visited your blog. I am so glad that you started your blog. I hope that I will read your nice writing from you. Tiffany, Aja aja, fight~ing!!


tiffany said...

hello, hello everyone.

Wow! So many of you... thank you, thank you...

But hor...I skip breakfast sometimes one ok... so...

아이니 Aini said...

Ok, Tiffany. My hats off to you. I have never seen so much information on K-stufff in anyone's blogs - EVER!! and you have 2! 2! blogs!!! I am gonna link your other korean drama/music blog in my blog ok....wah! respect woman!!!!