Monday, November 27, 2006

New blog on the block

Not another blog???

Yes, another one.

But this wil be different as it's meant to showcase the various publications and products that I sell. They are mostly from Korea at the moment...books, magazines, posters etc.

Eventually, who knows, it may be extended to other areas.

I've only just put it up over the weekend, so bear with me whilst I slowly, slowly put up the products on the site.


My new blog:
Tiffany's Attic

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Finally... I have a little breathing space.

I wanted to blog over the weekend but you know what? As usual weekend is busier than weekday.

I know God created the world and everything else in it in 6 days.

But God didn't have a niece's birthday party to go to...
He didn't have to do the laundry...
Nor sort through all the paperwork...


Actually, I wouldn't complain so much if the weekend has 3 days instead of 2 days. I think 3 days would be just nice and a good balance between work and leisure.

See.. you need the first day to do the things that you have to do... like grocery shopping, banking, laundry etc

You need the second day to do the things you want to do... like going for a play, or watching a movie or going to the gym.

And then finally, you need the third and last day to just rest. You know, chill out? Catch up on lost sleep etc. Laze around at home.

By then, I would be ready to go back to work and slough it out for another 4 days. ^^

The above items belong to this little girl below. My little niece. She turned 1 during the weekend. I don't think she knew what was going on and in fact was a little bewilded by all the fuss and the people. But she loved it when we sang Happy Birthday and she got to blow out the single candle, ^^

I was jogging around the park on Sunday morning when I saw this cat, sitting in a small field, watching the crazy world go by. I think her idea of how a Sunday morning should be spent is absolutely correct!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Old Friends

It was Hari Raya last week. The end of the fasting month for the Muslims. For the last 20 over years, it also provided a time for a group of old friend to meet and catch up Nora's place.

We would all happily eat the spread of food prepared by her mother and talk the whole afternoon away. Sometimes the husbands would come along. But more often than not, after the obligatory first visit, they stay away. Because not only are they clueless about our conversation, they are also rather intimated by the prospect of facing over 10 girls.

The gathering is always very informal. She doesn't send out any formal invitation. It's understood that we're to just turn up somewhere in the afternoon. BUT, this year, she actually sent out invitation via sms. It caught all of us by surprise and was a hot topic of discussion during our gathering. hehe!

I still remember the times we spent together in Biology class. The fun we had in that old fashion lab. Nora, Irene and I were always somewhere at the back and we did fool around abit. I don't think we did a lot of studying but somehow by some miracles, we managed to pass. No doubt due to the fact our teacher was 'fond' of picking on us.

Ahh.. to be 16.

Who cares about study? (Actually we did lah but it's not very cool to say so.)

We did a lot of shopping in Orchard Road.

We ate at MacDonald's (the first MacDonald's opened around then).

There was often some waiting at the school bus stop for a certain number bus at certain time.. because that was when the boys from a certain school nearby would be in it.

Ahh... those were the days.

Over the years, the group of us have grown up... some have found boyfriends, gotten married, gotten divorced, had children. But still, we meet about once a year and catch up. It's good to have friends. ^^

This photo was taken during our prom night when we were 16. It was the first ever prom night for the school and was held in the school grounds. We looked a bit 'biang' hor? But this was more than 20 years ago and we were alot more conservative then. Those of you reading this.. can you recognise yourself? haha! Luckily for me, I think the photo too blur to see me. ^^

Aren't these 2 boys cute? Once upon a time, their mothers were talking about boys. Now they're the mothers of boys. One day soon, these boys will also be looking out for girls.