Sunday, February 26, 2006

Of Kilts, Bagpipes and Whiskey

Gosh... it's been so hot the last few days, I actually find myself missing Scotland with its minus 3 degrees temperature.

Last year, during our trip back to UK, we paid a visit to our friend in Scotland.

"Come over and stay with us. It would be good to catch up after so many years." Scotland would be wonderful.

My friend stays in this village called Garvald, about 90 minutes from Edinburgh. Garvald has less than 100 residents. There is no clinic. The post office is opened twice every week in the morning. The pub is the restaurant and there are only 2 main roads. Everyone knows everyone... really.

We didn't know this before arriving but as we were driving up to her place at 10pm in the winter night, we got worried. Well, I got worried. Outside the car, it was almost pitch dark, save for some lights along the road (in some places, it didn't seemed like a road to me). It was 荒山野林 to me. If we got lost...... *Shudders* But of course we didn't, all thanks to a modern gadget call handphone.

We were told to just go to the town hall as there was a new year's party going on. "You can't miss it. It's got a huge Christmas tree outside. You can come in and join us for a dance or two." Right. I'd like to see the villagers' residents looks on seeing a small Chinese woman (all wrapped up like a pau) doing a Scottish dance. It would have been the talk of the village for the next 10 years.

Almost everyone was at this party, from babies to grandfathers, all dancing up a storm. Luckily her children were tired by the time we got there and I was spared the agony of being obliged to join in the festivities. Whew!

The wee stream My friend's place isn't big but what a view they have just outside their house. You can see and hear this little stream gurgling away. The only downside... it does get a "wee" cold.

This would be gorgeous in spring. With houses like that, is it any wonder that so of us are thinking of migrating? I want one too!!!

Their backyard.....

The next day, we had a look around the village, which really takes all about 30 minutes and went for a lovely walk in the woods...

Moss on a crumbling wall..
Horses in the open field

The village church
They share a pastor with a nearby village, so service is on every fortnight. (Much to the relief of my friend's husband, who really isn't much of a church-goer. Hehe!)

Strangely, next to the church, the graves didn't look at all scary, in fact, they look peaceful and serene.... The outside world of MacDonald's, shops centres, planes and faxes seemed so far away.... almost anyway.

As we were walking in the woods, suddenly amongst the peace and quiet.. suddenly...
*peep-peep. peep-peep. peep.*

That all too familiar sound.

In this wilderness, in a tiny Scotland village, half way round the world, I had just received a sms from Singaore.

Ahh.... the wonders of modern technology. Sometimes though, perhaps, it is better to leave them behind and observe the wonders of nature instead. Right?

A walk amongst the wonders of Scottish nature

Friday, February 24, 2006

Most Loved - 最愛

Watched My Girl and I tonight. A Korean movie starring Cha Tae Hyun and Song Hae Kyo. About lost of first love.. the genre is very similar to many Korean movies, only that this time round, this is actually the remake of the very popular Japanese movie, "Crying Out from the Centre of World". The movie was ok but not great.

Very simply:
Su Ho, a simple, ordinary teenager, and Su En, the prettiest girl in the local village fell in love with each other. The first hlaf was fairly funny as it was the about them dating. Then one day, Su Ho discovered that Su En had leukemia. The rest of the movie is when you're supposed to bring out your hankies. Which I didn't.

But it did bring about much thoughts. Perhaps because at this age, as my ex-boss/ mentor once told me, is when you start hearing about deaths and regrets from friends.

What brought about this thought? The grandfather scene.

When Su Ho's grandfather, as an undertaker, had to prepare for the funeral of his first love.

In that cold room, as he embalmed her, and then slowly caressed her, he said: "We finally meet again. Why is it so so difficult for us to meet? In my next life, I want to be with you again. Please wait for me. It will not be long before I join you."

In those few lines are a thousand regrets. Many would say it's sad to loose after loving. But it is even sadder when you could never be with the one that you love and live with regrets of "what if.."

I've always loved this song by George Lam in the movie Passion (

Most Loved - 最愛
在世間尋覓愛侶 尋獲了但求共聚
Seeking our love in this world, hoping to be together when we find it
But after spending half a life span together
I am now regretting

別了她原為了你 留住愛亦留住罪
I left her for you, retaining love but also guilt
The heart that stayed with you is now broken
Yet she is in my dreams

為何離別了 卻願再相隨
Why do we hope to meet again after parting
為何能共對 又平淡似水
Why is it tatseless like water when we could be each other
問如何下去 為何猜不對
How do we go on,, can't I get it right?
何謂愛 其實最愛只有誰
What is love, who do I really love?

任每天如夢過去 沉默裡任寒風吹
May each day pass like dream, silence amongst the wind
Who is my greatest love
Is there a right answer

When I was 20, the world stretched before me, now it is no longer so. No, I don't have regrets. I have been lucky. But in the often bustling world that we live each day, I sometimes do wish the world could slow down just a little. Sometimes I forget. What a miracle it is to meet the one I love, to have my family and to have known the many friends and people along the way.

Chinese calls this 缘分.

I think I must have done well in my previous life.

사랑해요.. 사랑하는사람

Monday, February 20, 2006


Haha! I just realised that I've not written for more than a week.... Sorrieeee..... *red face*.

My brother took a trip to London and is back. My friend, bb took a trip to Japan and is back. Me? I took a trip to Korea and Japan and am still not back. Spritually, that is. Unfortunately, physically, I am here, in Singapore.

Guess most people know that I'm really into Korean dramas since 4 years ago. I mean, it's not big a secret. Actually, I end talking about Korean dramas inevitably to most of my clients and friends, often failing to see their glazed look, if they're not a Korean drama fan. I know more about the Korean entertainment scene than I do about my own country's. But it's not my fault. Really. They have too many good looking cute guys over there! *Wails* This is a serious case of too many kimchi men and too little time.

This past week, I have been distracted by what I call, my side dishes. 3 side dishes to be precise.

Lee Wan from Heaven's Tree

Ju Ji Hoon from Goong

Kim Jung Hoon from Goong

I'm alternating between crying (Heaven's Tree is a melodrama filmed mostly in Japan) and laughing (Goong is a romantic comedy). Staying up till 4am to watch a video on my tiny laptop that I only half understand. Mad isn't it? And yet it's.. so much fun and stimulating, especially when you're downloading an episode that has just been screened in Korea a few hours ago.

Some people will laugh and think it's another crazy auntie swooning over men half her age. I disagree. I don't swoon. I just drool. Haha!

But I want to know- what's the difference between my kind of fun and those who enjoy watching 22 men chasing after a small ball? Or hitting a little ball with a iron stick? Nobody laughs if you say you're Man U fan. But say you're a BYJ fan, and they raise their eyebrows. *Hmphf*

I've learnt alot ever since this "Korean wave craze". I've learnt to download, upload, image editing, webhosting and a whole host of terms that I didn't even know exist. Isn't something good if it makes you learn?

And it has even spilled over to work.

Recently I've starting to import Korean books and Korean magazine. Who says you can't earn money from your interest?

A taugeh plucking auntie I am not!

Now excuse me whilst I upload a raw, LQ file onto YSI for a fellow K drama fan. Then I'm going to have supper with my kimchis.

My only main Korean dish- Bae Yong Joon

And oh, before I log off..

Korean magazines and books now on sale in Kinokuniya. Will be available in other places soon. Hurry, hurry whilst stocks last.

End of advertisement. Hehe!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Thank you

Thank you, thank you for all your encouragement and support. But it's also very stressful leh....*bites finger*. Ok, this auntie here promises to try ok? But this will be a general blog and not just on BYJ (for the uninitiated, BYJ = Bae Yong Joon)

From a very young age, I've always wanted to see a white Christmas.

Blame it on the Christmas songs, the movies, Christmas cards and most of all, the many Enid Blyton books that were a staple diet when I was growing up.

Growing up in a tropical country, just a few degrees away from the equator, snow seemed so very romantic and wonderful... warm chocolate, fireplace, snowman, etc... all made even more appealing during the scorching hot months of July, August. A bathtub full of snow... hmm...

Of course watching Winter Sonata made this desire even greater. hahaha!

Last year, back in UK for a family visit, I finally got my wish. It was one of the coldest winter for a long time.

One early morning, shortly after Christmas, I woke up, drew apart the curtains and was greeted by this sight.

I was so thrilled, I shouted to my still sleeping hubby:"Hubby, hubby, snow, snow!!!!"

I felt like a little child that had just been given a toy that she had wanted for a long time.

Isn't this a beautiful, lonely picture? Blue, blue sky, white snow, bare trees, empty, winding road. I kept thinking of April Snow. And wish I had brought the cd with me. But I've subjected that poot hubby of mine to enough Korean pop back home alreday and shouldn't subject him to further torture when we're on holiday.

But I do wish I was able to listen to that song then.