Friday, February 24, 2006

Most Loved - 最愛

Watched My Girl and I tonight. A Korean movie starring Cha Tae Hyun and Song Hae Kyo. About lost of first love.. the genre is very similar to many Korean movies, only that this time round, this is actually the remake of the very popular Japanese movie, "Crying Out from the Centre of World". The movie was ok but not great.

Very simply:
Su Ho, a simple, ordinary teenager, and Su En, the prettiest girl in the local village fell in love with each other. The first hlaf was fairly funny as it was the about them dating. Then one day, Su Ho discovered that Su En had leukemia. The rest of the movie is when you're supposed to bring out your hankies. Which I didn't.

But it did bring about much thoughts. Perhaps because at this age, as my ex-boss/ mentor once told me, is when you start hearing about deaths and regrets from friends.

What brought about this thought? The grandfather scene.

When Su Ho's grandfather, as an undertaker, had to prepare for the funeral of his first love.

In that cold room, as he embalmed her, and then slowly caressed her, he said: "We finally meet again. Why is it so so difficult for us to meet? In my next life, I want to be with you again. Please wait for me. It will not be long before I join you."

In those few lines are a thousand regrets. Many would say it's sad to loose after loving. But it is even sadder when you could never be with the one that you love and live with regrets of "what if.."

I've always loved this song by George Lam in the movie Passion (

Most Loved - 最愛
在世間尋覓愛侶 尋獲了但求共聚
Seeking our love in this world, hoping to be together when we find it
But after spending half a life span together
I am now regretting

別了她原為了你 留住愛亦留住罪
I left her for you, retaining love but also guilt
The heart that stayed with you is now broken
Yet she is in my dreams

為何離別了 卻願再相隨
Why do we hope to meet again after parting
為何能共對 又平淡似水
Why is it tatseless like water when we could be each other
問如何下去 為何猜不對
How do we go on,, can't I get it right?
何謂愛 其實最愛只有誰
What is love, who do I really love?

任每天如夢過去 沉默裡任寒風吹
May each day pass like dream, silence amongst the wind
Who is my greatest love
Is there a right answer

When I was 20, the world stretched before me, now it is no longer so. No, I don't have regrets. I have been lucky. But in the often bustling world that we live each day, I sometimes do wish the world could slow down just a little. Sometimes I forget. What a miracle it is to meet the one I love, to have my family and to have known the many friends and people along the way.

Chinese calls this 缘分.

I think I must have done well in my previous life.

사랑해요.. 사랑하는사람


mishio said...

hi tiffany-
Just illustrates one of the reasons why K-drama is so near and dear to us - They always seem to reach deep in to our hearts and expresses all those vulnerable thoughts and emotions so well.

Thanks for the poignant thought and reminding us to appreciate the here and now. We all need a nudge sometimes.

tiffany said...

Hi Mishio...very melonchaly hor? That's what happens when you post in the middle of the night after watching a sad movie.

But hey it's the weekend... that's comething to celebrate!

bb said...

whoa... that's l'il tiff??! cute...

back to the more solemn thoughts... yea, would be so, so sad to live life with regret, ya? guess we all forget to slow down sometimes, to stop and smell the roses.

or worse, sometimes we forget that there's no pleasing everyone in this world, and we have to make sure we don't compromise and make sure we live life each and every day as if it's the last day, so that there's no regret at the end of the day.

this reminds me of something yong joon always says... he would throw himself into the production of each work as if it's his last. so that there's no regret when looking back later.

tiffany said...

hehehe! Lil' Tiff from yons ago....

joycebay said...

Hi Tiff
ya, most of the Korean Drama are sob story, so full of heartbreak, wonder if life is so full of it for people in Korean? Hey you seems to be pretty well verse with Korean Language?

Have you seen My name is Kim Sam Soon it is really good, funny.

cookz said...

Yo tiffy dear...

one of my favourite songs really! did you watch that george lam movie too..watched that on TV like when i was a teenager...and the regret and poignancy has stayed with me for years!

am also watching Goong and Namu feverishly...the other k chaps have suggested i call myself NumuGoongCookz...hehehe.doesn't that show like some buddhist chant? puahahaa..

oh..this is goose by the way..if you don't already know...check out our blog too!

tiffany said...

Goose! Didn't expect you to be here. hehe! Yes, I saw the movie years ago, in my teens too. Still remember the movie and esp the song up to today. It was a very understated movie but so well done that iy left a big impression on me.

Did you like Heaven's Tree?

Woah... you got a blog too? Ok, will drop by. ^^