Monday, February 20, 2006


Haha! I just realised that I've not written for more than a week.... Sorrieeee..... *red face*.

My brother took a trip to London and is back. My friend, bb took a trip to Japan and is back. Me? I took a trip to Korea and Japan and am still not back. Spritually, that is. Unfortunately, physically, I am here, in Singapore.

Guess most people know that I'm really into Korean dramas since 4 years ago. I mean, it's not big a secret. Actually, I end talking about Korean dramas inevitably to most of my clients and friends, often failing to see their glazed look, if they're not a Korean drama fan. I know more about the Korean entertainment scene than I do about my own country's. But it's not my fault. Really. They have too many good looking cute guys over there! *Wails* This is a serious case of too many kimchi men and too little time.

This past week, I have been distracted by what I call, my side dishes. 3 side dishes to be precise.

Lee Wan from Heaven's Tree

Ju Ji Hoon from Goong

Kim Jung Hoon from Goong

I'm alternating between crying (Heaven's Tree is a melodrama filmed mostly in Japan) and laughing (Goong is a romantic comedy). Staying up till 4am to watch a video on my tiny laptop that I only half understand. Mad isn't it? And yet it's.. so much fun and stimulating, especially when you're downloading an episode that has just been screened in Korea a few hours ago.

Some people will laugh and think it's another crazy auntie swooning over men half her age. I disagree. I don't swoon. I just drool. Haha!

But I want to know- what's the difference between my kind of fun and those who enjoy watching 22 men chasing after a small ball? Or hitting a little ball with a iron stick? Nobody laughs if you say you're Man U fan. But say you're a BYJ fan, and they raise their eyebrows. *Hmphf*

I've learnt alot ever since this "Korean wave craze". I've learnt to download, upload, image editing, webhosting and a whole host of terms that I didn't even know exist. Isn't something good if it makes you learn?

And it has even spilled over to work.

Recently I've starting to import Korean books and Korean magazine. Who says you can't earn money from your interest?

A taugeh plucking auntie I am not!

Now excuse me whilst I upload a raw, LQ file onto YSI for a fellow K drama fan. Then I'm going to have supper with my kimchis.

My only main Korean dish- Bae Yong Joon

And oh, before I log off..

Korean magazines and books now on sale in Kinokuniya. Will be available in other places soon. Hurry, hurry whilst stocks last.

End of advertisement. Hehe!


bb said...

finally!! was wondering when your third post would be... hee...

for awhile there, i thought you'd actually gone to korea... without me!!! wails, sobs, screams, shrieks! you gone deaf on me yet?

whoa... so you've been watching goong too? though i've heard so, so, so much about downloading k-dramas almost real-time, complete with subs too, i've never really bothered to go figure out how to do it... me the ultra-lazy bum will just wait till the discs are out and buy them from the stores... mmm, will definitely watch goong... what about heaven's tree? any good?

and oh boy, the korean heart-throbs just seem to get younger and younger! all these drool-worthy men are mostly in their mighty early 20s! feel almost like a cradle-snatcher... then again, none of them make me drool as much as wuri yong joon :p

jejudo, anyone?

marissa said...

I've been hearing about goong from my friends too and it's gonna show here in the Phil. soon but dubbed in our native toungue. How good is Heaven's Tree?

tiffany said...

Heaven's Tree is by the same team (production, writer, PD) as Beautiful days and Stairways to Heaven. It's considered as the third segment in the Heaven's series.

To be frank, the storyline is quite the same. Usual step siblings (non-blood related) love. But oh, the chemistry between Lee Wan and Park Shin Hye (the younger CJW in SWTH) is fantastic and electrifying. It is so good that you do really actually feel for them and Lee Wan's acting has improved tremendously.

Good thing is, Heaven's Tree is only 10 eps so it wouldn't get too draggy.

Goong... haha! All of us have been goonified. Aiyoh, must watch in it's orginal language lah.

BB- would I go Korea without you? Would I dare? hehe!

joycebay said...

Hi Tiff,
Oh no I am swamp with VCD now, and please tell me where to do movie download. I am another Video fanatic and haven't seen much of anything except Korean drama for many moons. Yes the Korean guys are so cute, buuuuuuuuuut still none can compare with BYJ. Cho Hyun Jae in sunshine of Love is cute too. The guy who acted in untold scandal with YJ.

joycebay said...

And BB
when are you planning to go to Jejudo?

bb said...

hee.... ya, tiff, hold that thought... don't you dare go korea without me :p

this, i promise you... i won't let you hear the last of my whining and wailing... haha...

heaven's tree's just 10 eps? sounds good...!

joyce ah... don't know when going korea lei... you ask tiff la, she's my boss, haha :)

bb said...
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