Sunday, August 16, 2009

National Day- The Pledge

Every year, the government tries very hard to drum up the patriotic factor around this period. When I start hearing 'national songs' on the radio, I know it's that time of the already. Somehow though, like Xmas celebrations, I get the impression that it seems to start earlier and earlier each year.

Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against all these celebrations and I'm rather proud to be a Singaporean but errr... singing patriotic songs and putting on national color clothes like a bit much for me lor.

I did put up the flag on National Day the insistence of my husband...who is not a Singaporean. But more of that later.

This year, the organisers had a brainwave-
Let's say the pledge together...where ever you may be, together with those thousands of people watching the parade. And say it at 8:22pm.

Hubby thought there was a significance to the time. Like maybe that's when MM Lee gave that momentous speech that Singapore was officially on it's own, or when Raffles stepped onto Singapore...anyway, something meaningful. He didn't believe me when I told he it's just to time it with the parade programme. Of course, the funny thing was, the pledge wasn't recited at 8:22pm at the parade. It's not just because my clock on my cable machine says so. The bells were chiming very loudly (signaling 8:22pm) but they were still singing away. Hmmm...maybe next year, if they want to do it properly, they should just give the cue for the bell to chime when the pledge reciting starts. Strange that nobody reported that the pledge did not start at exactly 8:22pm after all the hype.

Another curious fact.

They (ie, the government) want everyone to recite the pledge but many of us remember it? Let's face facts, most of us left school many light years ago and though I remember snippets of it, I honestly do not remember the whole thing. I'm getting old liao. Or maybe that shows I'm not very patriotic or Singaporean enough.


Anyway, my point was, why didn't they print/ post / recite out on radio/ the pledge for all so that those who really, really want to say it, can do so. There are so many media nowadays to do so- post on internet (maybe the P65 blog?) Twitter? Youtube? They can even print it in the newspapers, after all SPH earns huge profit every year, taking out a one page ad to place the pledge shouldn't be too draining on them. Hubby also received an sms from his hp provider reminding him to say the pledge. But to say it if you don't know it?

I just had a brainwave- they can print out into small flyer and put into the postboxes. Then everyone will sure have a copy of the pledge and will not have the excuse that they don't remember how to say it.

Or is it illegal to print out the pledge? Hmm....

Anyway, one of the reason I noticed so much more about National Day this year is because of my girl. In previous years, there are times when I do not even watch the parade (alright, alright, don't throw stones at me). I have been involved in it before when I was a student and I really, truely appreciate all the efforts put in by the various participants. Really, but......

However this year was a little different- I had my little girl.

I was quite keen for her to get a feel of it..even though she's really more interested in nursery rhymes than the National Anthem at the moment. I guess one feels differently when one has family.

And she being the product of 2 different cultures and 2 different races, I...We want her to experience and appreciate both sides. It was the reason why my husband actually dug out the Singapore flag and asked me to put it up.

Which now leads me to the next question on my...our minds. Yeah, yeah... I very 'cheem' tonight.

Singapore doesn't allow dual passports at the moment...but hubby's country does. If this doesn't change by the time she's 18, she will be forced by the SG government to make a decision. Now I know the government's reasoning was one should make a clear stand so that in times of conflict, one will know what to do.

Besides the fact that this so-call logic doesn't hold any water, it's like asking a child to decide if she wants to be with the father or the mother even though both the parents are happily married and together. She is being forced to accept one and reject the other. With so many inter-marriages nowadays (especially with the government actively encouraging foreign talents here), it's a matter of time before they have to decide on this issue.

Will it be done before she's 18? Well, there's 17 more years to go.

Baby M waving her flag. She likes red. ^^

Friday, August 07, 2009

'Productive' emails

After not updating my blog for a such a long time, I was wondering what topic I should touch on. The easy one would of course be about 'her' (HRH, my girl), but I think I'd give it a break at the moment. So I thought I'd write something a little more interesting. The following subject may be a little 'R' rated, so read on with your own discretion.

My mailboxes (yes, I have several, as per the norm) are swamped with spam mails nowadays...I'm sure it's the same for everyone. You checked your emails in the morning after one night and they're flooded with all sorts of spam mails.

The spam mails ranged from trying to sell you some super cheap software to some hot-must-buy-now stocks from I-never-heard-before companies to some lunatics thousands of miles away trying to convince you that they would be most willing to share millions of dollars with you, with no or little strings attached. All you have to do is give them some money first. Yeah...right.

But the number one kind of spam mails are those professing to err... make one productive.

No, no, it's not work productivity related but I'm sure the government will be equally be pleased with this kind of productivity.

C' know what I'm referring to.

Those magical stuff that makes a man 'bigger' and will therefore make your girlfriend/ mistress/ wife happy. The best part of these mails are....they make it out that it's really us women who want it, and that's why the men had to have it. So, really it's not the men's fault.

Hmm.....good marketing tactic right?

The men could justify it by saying ..."but darling...I did it all for you...I did it to make you happy"

Really? I think I'd probably be happier with a 5 carat diamond ring.

To be fair to the men, there are lots of adverts everywhere touting the miracle 'it' for a huge 'bust up', so to speak for the women.

The strange thing is...whereas the adverts to bust up the bust are blatantly in the open for isn't the case for men. And yet...judging by all these spam mails...there must be enough demand. I mean it's like those hundreds of irritating flyers one gets thrusted in face works...that's why they continue doing it. At least I'm assuming that's why I keep getting so many of these spam mails.

Now, I see a business demand here...would one of those beauty palour (that's doing good business servicing women now) open up such a service for men one of these days?

And if they do, I wonder...would men walk in to receive these beauty enhancements?


Food for thought.