Friday, August 07, 2009

'Productive' emails

After not updating my blog for a such a long time, I was wondering what topic I should touch on. The easy one would of course be about 'her' (HRH, my girl), but I think I'd give it a break at the moment. So I thought I'd write something a little more interesting. The following subject may be a little 'R' rated, so read on with your own discretion.

My mailboxes (yes, I have several, as per the norm) are swamped with spam mails nowadays...I'm sure it's the same for everyone. You checked your emails in the morning after one night and they're flooded with all sorts of spam mails.

The spam mails ranged from trying to sell you some super cheap software to some hot-must-buy-now stocks from I-never-heard-before companies to some lunatics thousands of miles away trying to convince you that they would be most willing to share millions of dollars with you, with no or little strings attached. All you have to do is give them some money first. Yeah...right.

But the number one kind of spam mails are those professing to err... make one productive.

No, no, it's not work productivity related but I'm sure the government will be equally be pleased with this kind of productivity.

C' know what I'm referring to.

Those magical stuff that makes a man 'bigger' and will therefore make your girlfriend/ mistress/ wife happy. The best part of these mails are....they make it out that it's really us women who want it, and that's why the men had to have it. So, really it's not the men's fault.

Hmm.....good marketing tactic right?

The men could justify it by saying ..."but darling...I did it all for you...I did it to make you happy"

Really? I think I'd probably be happier with a 5 carat diamond ring.

To be fair to the men, there are lots of adverts everywhere touting the miracle 'it' for a huge 'bust up', so to speak for the women.

The strange thing is...whereas the adverts to bust up the bust are blatantly in the open for isn't the case for men. And yet...judging by all these spam mails...there must be enough demand. I mean it's like those hundreds of irritating flyers one gets thrusted in face works...that's why they continue doing it. At least I'm assuming that's why I keep getting so many of these spam mails.

Now, I see a business demand here...would one of those beauty palour (that's doing good business servicing women now) open up such a service for men one of these days?

And if they do, I wonder...would men walk in to receive these beauty enhancements?


Food for thought.

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