Sunday, February 26, 2006

Of Kilts, Bagpipes and Whiskey

Gosh... it's been so hot the last few days, I actually find myself missing Scotland with its minus 3 degrees temperature.

Last year, during our trip back to UK, we paid a visit to our friend in Scotland.

"Come over and stay with us. It would be good to catch up after so many years." Scotland would be wonderful.

My friend stays in this village called Garvald, about 90 minutes from Edinburgh. Garvald has less than 100 residents. There is no clinic. The post office is opened twice every week in the morning. The pub is the restaurant and there are only 2 main roads. Everyone knows everyone... really.

We didn't know this before arriving but as we were driving up to her place at 10pm in the winter night, we got worried. Well, I got worried. Outside the car, it was almost pitch dark, save for some lights along the road (in some places, it didn't seemed like a road to me). It was 荒山野林 to me. If we got lost...... *Shudders* But of course we didn't, all thanks to a modern gadget call handphone.

We were told to just go to the town hall as there was a new year's party going on. "You can't miss it. It's got a huge Christmas tree outside. You can come in and join us for a dance or two." Right. I'd like to see the villagers' residents looks on seeing a small Chinese woman (all wrapped up like a pau) doing a Scottish dance. It would have been the talk of the village for the next 10 years.

Almost everyone was at this party, from babies to grandfathers, all dancing up a storm. Luckily her children were tired by the time we got there and I was spared the agony of being obliged to join in the festivities. Whew!

The wee stream My friend's place isn't big but what a view they have just outside their house. You can see and hear this little stream gurgling away. The only downside... it does get a "wee" cold.

This would be gorgeous in spring. With houses like that, is it any wonder that so of us are thinking of migrating? I want one too!!!

Their backyard.....

The next day, we had a look around the village, which really takes all about 30 minutes and went for a lovely walk in the woods...

Moss on a crumbling wall..
Horses in the open field

The village church
They share a pastor with a nearby village, so service is on every fortnight. (Much to the relief of my friend's husband, who really isn't much of a church-goer. Hehe!)

Strangely, next to the church, the graves didn't look at all scary, in fact, they look peaceful and serene.... The outside world of MacDonald's, shops centres, planes and faxes seemed so far away.... almost anyway.

As we were walking in the woods, suddenly amongst the peace and quiet.. suddenly...
*peep-peep. peep-peep. peep.*

That all too familiar sound.

In this wilderness, in a tiny Scotland village, half way round the world, I had just received a sms from Singaore.

Ahh.... the wonders of modern technology. Sometimes though, perhaps, it is better to leave them behind and observe the wonders of nature instead. Right?

A walk amongst the wonders of Scottish nature


Toujours_BYJ said...

Hi Tiff, you profile's pic is so cute.
Scottland's village looks like French village, I love the stream outside your friend's house, it's beautiful.
Btw, I'm willing to change the 2°C we have actually here with you, and the sun too because it's almost 2 weeks that it's rainy, cloudy, rainy and cloudy,...

bb said...

sighs... it's always a case of the grass seemingly greener on the other side, ya?

me too, like tiff, wanna trade our super-hot weather for some cooler climate man!

luvjoon aka chiligoyo said...

*hands up*

Me too!!! I really dread the weather in SG and choose to visit other countries during their winter!

And yes, their graveyard looked so serene and calm, not at all scary. Lucky folks, I want to migrate there too! But.. but.. we are so immune to having those high-tech gadgets, can we really survive living there for long? Hmm..

Michelle said...

My Dad's from Scotland, but I've haven't been there yet. Our clan is Clan Menzies.

Michelle said...

My Dad's from Scotland, but I've haven't been there yet. Our clan is Clan Menzies.