Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Finally... I have a little breathing space.

I wanted to blog over the weekend but you know what? As usual weekend is busier than weekday.

I know God created the world and everything else in it in 6 days.

But God didn't have a niece's birthday party to go to...
He didn't have to do the laundry...
Nor sort through all the paperwork...


Actually, I wouldn't complain so much if the weekend has 3 days instead of 2 days. I think 3 days would be just nice and a good balance between work and leisure.

See.. you need the first day to do the things that you have to do... like grocery shopping, banking, laundry etc

You need the second day to do the things you want to do... like going for a play, or watching a movie or going to the gym.

And then finally, you need the third and last day to just rest. You know, chill out? Catch up on lost sleep etc. Laze around at home.

By then, I would be ready to go back to work and slough it out for another 4 days. ^^

The above items belong to this little girl below. My little niece. She turned 1 during the weekend. I don't think she knew what was going on and in fact was a little bewilded by all the fuss and the people. But she loved it when we sang Happy Birthday and she got to blow out the single candle, ^^

I was jogging around the park on Sunday morning when I saw this cat, sitting in a small field, watching the crazy world go by. I think her idea of how a Sunday morning should be spent is absolutely correct!

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bb said...

wow! you went jogging... and you do yoga and you go to gym...

i'm so ashamed of myself.

bb goes to one corner of the wall and knocks her head gently against it... :p