Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Total bliss

DH says there are 2 types of holiday.

The first type is where you go to a place and 'see' it. So if you are going to Egypt, then of course you have to see the pyramids or if you are in Paris, then you must visit the Eiffel Tower or if you visit Beijing, then the Great Wall of China should be on the must see list.

Most Singaporeans are very likely to have this type of holiday. I guess with our fast pace living, and the government constantly drumming into us that we must be productive and learn as long as we live...we all feel the need to tick off those 'must see/ must do' places/things when we go on holiday. No doubt, our 'kiasu' nature reinforces this urge as well, otherwise we would feel that we haven't spend the money well.

There is a second type of holiday when you do absolutely nothing. And I mean really nothing...except maybe read or listen to you music on your ipod.

Many people can do this for a day or two but most would think you're mad if you 'do' this continously for 4 to 5 days.

Indeed, if you are on this type of holiday for the first time, it can be rather hard on your system. You may actually have to fight the urge to go into town, visit that famous restaurant, check out that theme park etc.

But believe me, once you have conquered that and tell yourself that chilling out is just as rewarding and refreshing....you will be surprised how quickly time passes.


We don't have to behave like a frenzied rat when we are on holiday.

I'll have a beer please

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