Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Life is uncertain. Eat desserts first.

Can't remember where I got this quote from but I think it's a very wise and practical quote. I love it and reckon it may be from a woman... I try to adopt it as my life motto, literally and philosophically. Well, so far, it's more like physically.

I know I complain about my weight all the time. I would love to loose some of the uninvited 'guests'. Which normal woman doesn't? But what can I say? The mind is willing but the stomach is weak... when it comes to food.

Food... is one of life's great pleasure. Life is difficult enough as it is. Why make it harder? We can always diet tomorrow. Right?

One of best part about travelling (besides shopping) is trying out 'the speciality' in that country.

Take for example UK and the famous English breakfast. No, not the tea. I'm talking about the sinful, calorie laden and cholestrol filled but oh-so yummilicious breakfast.

Supplied by FreeFoto.com

Those succulent fat sauseges, the greasy, crispy bacon, baked beans, fresh toast. Down it with a strong cup of tea and fresh milk. But this is not a breakafast that you can finish in 15 minutes. No, no, this sinful breakfast is meant to be slowly savoured, enjoyed over the morning's newspaper. What a wonderful start to a new day!

In Hong Kong, I love all the dim sum and desserts but my favourite is the creamy, smooth, 'plain' porridge from 粥皇. Dip the crispy fried dough or 'yao zar gui' into the porridge. Accompany it with a cup fragrant soya bean drink. If the English breakfast was heavy and sinful then the porridge breakfast is simplicity in itself. But it is oh-so heavenly. Sometimes, if I'm feeling peckish, I'll order some side dishes of dim sum like rice roll, dumpling and carrot cake. And then I'm totally happy until..... lunch.

Because of my interest in things Korean, I love most of the food when I'm there in Korea, especially the snacks. But during a casual conversation with some friends over the weekend, we found ourselves reminiscing and drooling when we talked about this particualar dish- Dakgalbi. It's spicy chicken, stir fried with vegetables in a big pan. I'm not so sure why it tasted so good, it sure isn't the most healthy. Perhaps half the pleasure comes from the communal aspect of eating it together with friends. But one thing for sure, the only place to try this dish is in Chun Cheon.

As for Singapore, I can rattle off half a dozen dishes... Char Kway Teow, Chicken Rice, Prata, curry, hokkien mee etc. But of my favourite, which is also a dessert is the humble 'Singapore' ice-cream.

This local ice cream is less sweet and not very milky. The nicest flavours are the local ones like durian, attap-chee and sweet corn. And it comes in little scoops. Eat it with the yellow bread ... on a hot day. You can't buy it from the supermarkets or any stores though. You've got to get it from one of the ice-cream men. Most often found along Orchard Road or Chinatown. It costs a total of just S$1.

Forget about the Hargaan Daz and Ben & Jerry's. As far as I'm concerned, this wins hands down over all the other types of ice-cream. Sluurrp!

Can't believe I'm I blogging about food in the middle of the night. That stupid ^#@5$*&G& postcard of a picture of the English Breakfast pinned on my fridge. Now I'm really hungry.


marissa said...

Hi tiff,

It's mid-morning here in the Phil and seeing your blog had me craving for congee ~ sigh

yeelee said...

We all know desserts is 'stressed' spelled backwards. So yes! Eat desserts to de-stress! Problem is...it gives u more appetite after that! How to lose weight then? Don't know? Just do it!

tiffany said...

Marrisa, yeah, I was really hungry by the time I finished writing. Sigh...

YL- Just do it.. you referring to eating or loosing weight? I can do the eating part quite easily without thinking. Loosing weight a Little difficult leh.

yeelee said...

Just do it!
The grass is green, the sky is blue.
...just like this.

bb said...

harlow harlow...
if you ever need a partner-in-crime when you need to indulge in those sinful stuff, well, you've my number :p

luvjoon aka chiligoyo said...

And I'm here chewing some chocolate when reading ur blog... mmm mmmm!

Jos said...

i am missing the chun cheon dakgalbi now.... *sob* and i think it is also the company the makes it so memorable la. right, tiff? keke.

tiffany said...
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tiffany said...

Jos, yes, yes... company very important. hehe!

BB, yeah I know you're a perfect partner in food crime.

Btw, my husband found out the author for the quote and yes, it is a woman. haha!

Ernestine Ulmer, American author, b.1925