Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Of Kilts, Bagpipes and Whiskey (2)

I bet the Scots have been asked to death about this question:

Do you errr... wear anything underneath that skirt?


This photo was taken in Edinburg, late December last year. Yes, it was cold. Very cold. He was playing wonderful music on the bagpipe but I'm afraid I was distracted by this one thought on my mind..."Oh dear....wouldn't it be frozen cold?" (Oops, is this getting too risque? Will get censored or not hah?)

Edinburg is well known as an Arts Centre. Its yearly Arts Festival is world reknown and most Scots can hold a tune and have a strong interest in Arts generally. But then hor... if I was to live in such condusive environment, I think I would feel very artistically inclined too. Just look at these great architecture! I felt overawed just looking at them... Doesn't it inspire you? I felt as if I had to read some Shakespeare plays or recite some poems there and then. Of course I didn't lah, coz the only lines I remembered was:

"Double double, toil and trouble,
Fire burn and caultron bubble."

Not very auspicious right? I think my Literature teacher really did a good job drilling this into my head. hehe! Do you all remembered which play this was from? ^^

Most museums in Edinburg (as in UK too) are free. Donations are welcome, to help maintain the place. Boxes are placed within the museums for this pupose... and guess what, most people do donate, even if it's just a pound! Don't think it will work here in SG though, at least for the moment. The tim when the museums have the highest attendance are when they're free. Maybe one day?

Actually, what truely amazed me was this:

This dog was waiting patiently outside the museum whilst its owners were inside admiring the art pieces. How come got no dognapper huh?

You know the other thing that Scotland is really well known for? Whiskey!

"Wee" means little and this shop was really little but the stocks were impressive enough. But whiskey not my drink so..

Btw, husband actually got a little Scottish blood in him. But since he married a Singaporean girl instead of Scottish lass, he will be the last to be able to use that Scottish family name. Shucks, it would have been so fun if our kids could use Scottish family name.


yeelee said...

i failed my literature but i certainly remembered those lines! also got memory of this bit:
When shall we three meet again?
In thunder, lightning or in rain?
When the hurly burly's done. (somthing like dat lah!)
And the battle's lost and won.

hehehe...mrs seah is going to freak out if she sees this!...or was it mrs abraham?
eh...can't remember liao!
tsk, tsk, tsk...really aging...

tiffany said...

Mrs Seah lah... definitely.....

bb said...

hey, tiff, aren't you going to tell us the answer? so, do they or don't they?

and... at the risk of sounding as risque as you, haha, doesn't it get frozen to bits...? [don't take me literally, can't seem to think of any other more appropriate phrase for now...]

yea, agree with you on the museum admission fees thingy. nice idea, but guess our society ain't ready.

tiffany said...

bb ah... you actually got time to log in and blog AND look at other people's blogs?????

Thought you supposed to be on holidays. Go and enjoy yourself and look at the Japanese men lah.

And to answer your question: Apparently the true Scots will not... but don't ask me about this very brave musician ok. I couldn't vryy well lift up his kilt in public.