Monday, April 03, 2006

My Kimchiland blog

What can I say?

I've gone mad.

I plead temporary insanity.

I wasn't thinking right when I started it.. on the eve of April's Fool Day.

What did I do?


I actually started another blog....

I know, I know.

I'm speechless too...

Nevertheless, I've gone and done it already.

Here it is....

Don't know where I going to find the time.

Think I'm going to sleep on it. It's 3.15am..

1 comment:

bb said...

hahaha... you did what....??!

but then again, i think i fully get what you're going thru. i started a second blog to blog about all things korean too... only that i don't have the time to do much on that one... so, have kindda decided to 'kill' that second blog. may start a personal blog though, in addition to my bae blog.

hee.... will visit you at kimchiland when i come back to singapore :p