Thursday, April 06, 2006


For those who grew up in Singapore, the East Coast chalets would have been familiar with you. Like the Zoo and the Bird Park, the East Coast Chalet was one those places that you go at least once. It's part of your teenage life, part of growing up.

Who could forget those red brick walls? The tiny room with 2 beds? Marinating the chicken wings in the even smaller toilet.. making the salad, starting the fire for the bbq and burning most of the food.

And yet, why was it that the food tasted so good then? Why was it fun to have 5 or 6 people squeezing onto 2 beds?

Staying out with friends by the sea, bbqing, eating, cycling, playing games and talking through the night about love and dreams.

Thinking back now, those days were some of the best days of my life. Some of these girlfriends are still my best friends today, friends that I really treasure.

And so, almost 22 years after the above picture was taken, 3 of us, with another friend are going to take a 'chick trip' (as my husband said) next week. To celebrate our milesstone for reaching the big "40' this year, to celebrate over 20 years of friendship.

What are we going to do?

Shopping, eating, chatting, more shopping, eating and chatting.

Things that you can't do with husbands. Things that you wouldn't want to do with husbands. Because they wouldn't be any fun.

I'm so looking forward to it. ^^


marissa said...

Wow seems we'll be doing the same thing although our trip is scheduled on the 22nd.

Ain't it nice to maintain your friendship after all these years. I'm sure it will be a fun filled day just talking and remembering those good old days. Cheers to you!

yeelee said...

u think by blurring the faces i can't recognise them? oh pleeeeease! i cld tell straight away! u wan me to tell which is u? hehehe...

tiffany said...

Marissa, I think trips with girlfriends are so much more fun sometimes. hehe!

HYL- of course you would which is me lah! After knowing me for so long. Don't you dare announce which is me!!!!!!!!

Lily said...

Hi Tiffany,

Yes, East Coast chalet and bbq, that's what I did with my friends years ago. So guess we belong to the same "generation".

Have only seen that famous "bear hug" picture of you with BYJ. But if I could make a guess, you are the one in the middle, sitting on the floor, right ?

joycebay said...

Oh yes I remember I have a photo with those red brick walls too. Yup i guess all of us would have an experience whenever someone have a birthday party to celebrate.

luvjoon aka chiligoyo said...

Yeah I remembered my first experience at the chalet.. when I had my 2 years old birthday. East Coast chalets were the 'in' thing last time but it seemed to have subsided the last few years. Maybe coz Singaporeans were too spoilt for choice with the many nicer beaches and resorts in our neighbouring countries.

tiffany said...

East Coast chalets are really part of a past era... part of grwoing up for some of us. hehe!

Lily...I'm not saying anything!!!!

Ros said...

Hey tiff .. nice to hear that you have 3 friends to celebrate 20 years of friendship..
My 2 best friends and i are planning to celebrate my birthday by going back to school and do things that we do during Sec schools day... Our Theme " The Good old Days" i will post it on my blog .. ^^