Thursday, April 20, 2006

Parliament dissolved! Got holiday or not?


Just heard on the radio. Parliament is dissolved.

That means election is round the corner, probably int he first week of May.

Not that it affects me as it's a walk-over in my constitiency but it's still exciting.

Called up hubby to tell him the news.

Like any typical Singaporean, he said: "Wonder when is the election. Will there be holiday?"

Knowing the ever productive Singapore government, it will probably be on a Saturday, to minimise work disruption.

Wait a minute... my husband isn't a Singaporean leh....

Oh no! He's been infected!


I just heard. Election is on 6th May. A Saturday. Our government is so predictable.


bb said...

predictable is the word alright.

when i was told GE's on 6 may, i knew even without checking the calendar it'd be a saturday :p

luvjoon aka chiligoyo said...

First time voting.... only realised that it is ALWAYS on Saturday from my dad..


And I thought there may be an additional holiday in May..

tiffany said...

Sigh... since I'm on my own... it affects me even less.....

No fun....

yeelee said...

i've not been reading papers for days!...thx to blogs and chats! now i need to check if i need to vote!

Ros said...

i believe my company will give us one day leave. As we are only working 5-days week ..kee kee