Saturday, April 22, 2006

Girls just want to have fun

We're all going on a spring holiday
No more working for a day or two
Fun and laughter on a spring holiday
No more worries for a day or two

-Slight edit from the song, Summer Holiday by Clif Richard. Sorry Sir Cliff Richard..*curtseying to Sir Richard*

Well, I'm finally going on my chick trip tomorrow or rather today.

My bag is packed, I've changed my money. I've got my passport in my bag. I'm pretty ready.

Actually, we're only going up to KL. It's not really that an exciting place compared to HK or BBK, in my opinion. But a holiday is always full of anticipation and excitement, even if you're only going to Sentosa.

Of things that could happen and might happen. Knowing that you're doing things that are not routine. Of not caring. There is a sense of liberation.

That's why a holiday is good for the soul and mind.

That's all they really want
Some fun
When the working day is done
Girls- they just want to have fun
Oh girls just want to have fun

Credit: Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Want to Have Fun

My husband thinks KL is in danger with the four of us up there and reckons someone should warn the authorities.

Silly man, KL is perfectly safe. Now if it was Seoul.......



bb said...

have fun & take care!

p.s. pictures pictures pls!

bb said...

btw... think you've caught the BB bug... it's BKK, not BBK la :p