Friday, July 07, 2006

Anniversary dinner

My friend asked me how was my anniversary dinner the other night. I had told her earlier that we had booked a table in a nice restaurant.

'Well, I had Campbell Cream of Mushroom soup at home and he had pizza in the office. He had to work OT last minute and didn't come home till 12.30am'.

So much for planning.

Oh well, there's always another time but I think I'll have a different soup the next time. Campbell soup a little salty.


mrs a said...

Oh, sorry. It never fails does it. But on the good side, you get to try another soup, huh?

Hey,went to a Korean restaurant tonight and loved everything. Had BB K beef and fried rice and 2 kinds of kimchi and red bean ice cream. YUMMY! Can't wait to go back. Not sure it is it true Korean or Americanized, but I did learn to eat with chopsticks tonight - not well but I made it thru the entire meal.

Hubby liked the food but gave up on the chop sticks....hahaha I thought men were suppose to be so daring?

marissa said...

Happy anniversary Tiff. I hope you and hubby can plan another dinner to celebrate the occassion.

tiffany said...

Mrs A.. try the bibimbap next time and tell your husband that half the fun of having Chinese/ Korean meal is using the chopsticks.

tiffany said...

Marissa, don't worry. We have already made plans. ^^