Wednesday, July 05, 2006

After all.... tomorrow is another day

It has been awhile since I last posted on my blogs.

Guess you all know that I lost someone 2 weeks ago. I must thank everyone who offered me their comfort and support.

What made it so difficult was the suddenes of it. We had just met up recently, at a happy ocassion. He promised to call and update me for he had just started on his new job. I was truly happy for him. He was only 32, just starting on his life's journey.

Perhaps I should have called when he didn't. Perhaps. Would that have changed anything? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

In life, we make our decisions and live the choices we made. I'm not a person who sits down to wonder with the all the 'what ifs', 'perhaps', 'maybe'.

Life is too short already.

Do I miss him? Yes, as Mrs A said.. certain thoughts, certain scenes will bring back the memories. But I believe he is happier where he is now.

But we are all much stronger than we think. Life goes on. Life is still beautiful. There is still much out there, everyday, every minute to bring a smile to my face.

After all.... tomorrow is another day.
Scarlett O'Hara, Gone with the Wind

Good night everyone and sweet dreams.

And I believe Germany has just started their fight with Italy.


von said...

Totally understand yr feelings, treasure every moment in life and enjoy to the fullest.

Just like match between Germany n Italy, many would think since Germany can make their way to semi final n with a strong home ground support they probably stand a better chance to win, but.. never know the last few mins can change the situation..^^

Be Happy..

My warmest regards...

mrs a said...

glad to hear you are okay! Smart not to deal with what ifs.

Oh, and maybe next time you may want to send 'wet' oatmeal via the postal service. They don't handle the dry apparently, huh? (SMILE)