Friday, June 23, 2006

Tears in Heaven

Tonight.. I am reminded again at the fragility of life.

The temporary existence.

The briefness.

The changes brought about by time difference of a second.

And though we are often reminded again and again to treat each day as your last. How often do we actually do so?

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven
Will it be the same
If I saw you in heaven
I must be strong, and carry on
Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven


yeelee said...

hmm…why so melancholy all of a sudden?
something happened?…O_o

bb said...

and i was hoping that there'll be no tears in heaven.

anyhow, agree with you, life is fragile and short. that's why we should treasure the fleeting moments of happiness and remember to be nice to our loved ones.

may you, or whoever, be blessed with peace of mind and realise that souls do rest in peace.

take care now.

mrs a said...

So sorry… Whenever we experience a loss of someone I think we lose a piece of our heart. But I believe our souls will meet again.

Tears in Heaven by Clapton is so beautiful.

Hang in there.

flowerbossa said...


My heart reaches out to you...

Please take care.


Jos said...

are u alright? take care, ya?

Ros said...

Tiff ... all i can say is ... let me know you if need help ... am there always..

Today the Movie was a success!..

marissa said...


I hope that you can find comfort in knowing that he is now in God's loving arms free from any hurt, sickness and pain.

Michelle said...

Been in that neighborhood before, it's not a fun place. But I know it pretty well. If you need ANYTHING, day or night, please get hold of me. Love ya sis.

tiffany said...

Thank you for all your help and support everyone. I am truly grateful and feel overwhelmed by everyone's presence.

I did not log onto this site because I was really, really in no mood to write anything at all.

And then slowly, the daily routine, mundane things took hold and life goes on. We are often stronger than we think.

That someone will always have a place in my heart and I truly believe he is happier where he is now.

mrs a said...

Tiffany, wish I could be there not to talk but just give you a big hug. I have been thinking about you still.

A loss of someone special in our lives takes a long time. Life does go on but there will still be times when a sound, a certain wind will blow across your mind and you are reminded of their timepiece in your heart.

During that time just be reminded that we care about you, even if we are on the other side of the world.