Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Time No Enough

I was just sitting down over the weekend... after another busy Saturday, lamenting about the lack of time. I wish there was more time... actually, I just wish the weekend was longer. Sunday night is the worse- just ask my husband. hehe!

Anyway, I was just thinking about time, that 24 hours that one has.. where does it all go?

Sleep = 6 hours (if you're like my husband, you need 8 hours and if you're like bb, you need only 4 hours. haha!)

Work = 9 hours (or more for most people)

Travelling time = 2 hours

Dinner = 1.5 hours

Toilet time = 0.5 hours (ok, this is assuming they are all quick ones. ^^)

Miscellaneous = 1 hour (you know- chatting, coffee break, shower, queuing etc)

Total time spent so far = 20 hours

So that leaves us with just 4 hours left... assumning you don't cook, wash-up etc.

4 hours... out of a whole day. Sounds bad isn't it? So what do you do when there's a 1,001 things to do? I know what I do.. I try to be productive and multi-tasks, afterall my Government says we must be productive mah or we will loose out.

So I read the newspaper when I'm in the toilet.
I catch up with my magazines/ Korean lessons in the train/ bus.
I listen to the news on the radio as I have breakfast.
I work on my laptop as I watch TV.

Heck, sometimes I cook/ clear-up laundry and water my plants at the same time whilst listening to my favourite Korean cd.

I want my things done now, this instant. I get impatient if people are in my way when I'm walking. I tear my hair out at as I listen to the "Press 1 for English', 'Press 2 for Chinese' message on the phone. I strummed my fingers on the counter if no cashier appears within 2 seconds.

I mutter to myself that these people are wasting my time.

But really, why all this hurry? Actually I don't know. It seems I must do so because everyone is doing the same thing.

Time No Enough?

But if we are all hurrying somewhere into the future, what is happening to now, the present?

This photo was taken just outside my window one evening. I hadn't even notice because I was busy .... Husband warned me that it would be over in seconds... and I could see that he was right.

I grabbed my camera and just snapped away- I managed to take about 3 photos.

And then it was over as it became pitch dark. It was indeed a fleeting moment.

Perhaps we should all take about sometime off each day to do nothing.

Just to breathe, listen, look, touch and feel the present.

I think it would be a big present to ourselves.


bb said...

haiyo, no la... i sleep about 5 hours on weekdays la, not THAT that bad :p

but on weekends, haha, i can really really sleep....

on a more serious note, can't agree more with you. i too have wondered, so busy and hurried, for what huh? so i always make it a point to have 'me' time everyday. just a short moment to myself when i just shut my mind and relax. it's an important daily ritual that helps me keep my sanity.

thanks for sharing :)

bb said...

hee... i think for the next few days, i can't hear or read the word 'quickie' without thinking of you lor :p

mrs a said...

Tiffany that picture is great! Like on a postcard. I normally sleep only 4 hours each night but then make up on weekend - sleep 6 hours... Never seems to be enough time in a day!

yeelee said...

hmm…your hubby has awakened…definitely
you too…beginning to see 'now' huh?
good…very good…

bb, you are meditating everyday without even realising it…keep it up!