Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My other life

Gosh, I realised that my last post was more than a week ago. My apologies but my 'other life' has been taking up a bit more of my time than usual.

What 'other life" you said? Well...it's a secret but underneath all this dull appearance and existence, I'm actually someone else.... someone with the superpower to call upon over 500 women from different walks of life.

I am super ajuma Tiffany. hahaha!

Ok, ok, jokes aside.

Ever since I got to know about this Korean actor Bae Yong Joon 4 years ago, I've developed another life that at times seemed unreal. I became very active on the internet.. (though less so nowadays). I made friends from all over the world, some of whom I will probably never meet. It got worse. In 2003, together with a few other 'friends' that I met on the internet, I actually helped to set up a fan club for him.

Over the past few years, as a fan and one of the committee member, I've had some rather interesting experiences.

- True or false 1: I have direct access to BYJ and can 'ask' him to come here. LOL. The number of emails I've received from people 'asking' me to bring him to SG. huh? I got such power meh?
- Fact: I have no more access to BYJ than any of the fans out there. I wish I do though.

- True or false 2: Committee members have more privileges.
- Fact: What privileges? Ok, I do have the managers' contact numbers. But I'm not the only one and I don't go around calling them everyday. They certainly don't tell me more than what is necessary either. BUT many of the fans and members are really sweet and they often give me presents. : ) This is a privilege I am truely appreciative of.

Joon's Family celebrated it's 3rd anniversary at the end of May. When the few of us set up this fan club 3 years ago, we were not sure how long it would last.. or if it would last. We were not going to look beyond one year.

We didn't expect him to come to Singapore. We didn't expect the managers to recognise the fan club because it was well known that BYJ did not encourage fan clubs. We just wanted to do something and hope that he will be aware of the fans in a tiny island country call Singapore.

As much as the club was a show of support for him, it was also for fun.

And we did have fun.

The trip to Korea in 2003 was one fot he best ever and many of us still have fond memories of it. :p

And then, things got a little more serious. I have thought of resigning from the club as a committee member quite a few times. I remembered telling a couple of people that with so much responsibility and work, it was more fun and less stressful to be just a fan.

Thank goodness the situation has gotten more sane now.

At the end of anniversary gathering the other week, I made a quick speech. Unfortunately I was so tired that I didn't think I made any sense at all.

What I really wanted to say was...

A fan club should be a fun thing. You join a fan club to support an actor with other like minded people. You also make friends.

There is nothing in the rules and conditions of a fan club that says you are disloyal if you also support other artistes and join their fan clubs. I am highly amused to note I've had quite a few people coming up to me, telling me apologectically, in guilty tones that they've also joined another fan club.


By all means, join as many as you want to. You don't have to ask for my permission. ^^

By the same token, please don't judge me with that strange look if I tell you I also support other actors. As long as an artiste is good, I will support him or her. And this principle extends to all actors and not just Korean actors.

Of course BYJ remains special. I doubt there will be another actor whom I would be willing to spend as much time and energy on. : ) This is why

At the end if these 4 years as his fan, as much as the support for him is important, I feel that the friends that I've made are just as important. With or without BYJ now, they will always be my friends.

So at the end of this very long winded post, just what am I trying to say?

Chill out. Relax. Enjoy yourself. Support BYJ. Support other actors if you want to. Don't support anyone if you don't want to. Just avoid bad-mouthing other actors and their fans. Though the last point is something that BYJ fans generally do not engage in. ^^

This is not a competition.

Life is too short already.

There are other more important issues.

Like should I eat the cookies and cream ice cream or the green tea ice cream.

You get my drift?


marissa said...

HI Tiff,

Congratulations to Joons Family on your 3rd year anniversary and more years of friendship to all.

I get your drift about being fans of other artis cuz I do watch and support other talents too. But I'm really proud that BYJ fans are matured enough not to get into fights with other groups.

bb said...

ya la, you oughta feel so honoured you've got so many privileges... :p

anyhow, thanks JF for everything. so, when going again huh?

Friday said...

But if That Woman makes out with another Star, that's completely unacceptable. You agree with me, don't you?

That hussy!

yokee said...


i can actually feel that u r talking right in front of me...

love the 'true & false' n 'fact' u stated esp that 'i have such power meh?' hahahahahahaha

if i may can i pls add another one? 'who do u think i am???'

super ajumma..come to think of it hor...we hv known each other for 4 years...wah........

tiffany said...

Finally, I can post. Can't believe the problem I was experiencing at blogspot. I can't even comment at my own blog!!!!

Anyway, Marissia, most BYJ fans are rather rationale but there are a few crazy ones... Unfortiunately, you only need one or two crazy ones to create news...

tiffany said...

bb- stop hounding me lah...

We go when Da Man is there.

When is the Da Man going to be there is the million dollar question.

And now he's not even going to be in Korea for the initial filming, so....just get your passport ready lor. It's always like that right?

tiffany said...

Friday....you referring to me? *Tiffany asking innocently.*

tiffany said...

Yokee, I'm surprised to see you here. Even more surprised to find out you have a blog now. See how outdated I am?

But alamak, must use Korean blog huh? You trying to test my Korean is it?