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The year in review - Oct to Dec 2006

Gosh, it's almost the 1st of February 2007 and I'm still writing my review of 2006. I apologise to all those who had to listen to strains of 'Auld Lang Syne' everyday for the past 3 weeks. Sorry...I was away for about a week and the period before and after a trip are always stressful. I've changed the song, so please don't kill me, ok?

Ok... better wrap this up quickly.

October 2006

I wonder if anyone has ever sit down to count the number of friends they have? Of course, there are friends and there are people you just know.

Why I always look so fat???

I've got to know these 3 girls about 4 years because of that one particular Korean actor. You know who lah. Never did I imagine I would be able to make friends via internet. You keep reading horror stories about people you meet via the internet. It took me a lot of courage to go and meet a roomful of strangers that fateful day in March. I was thinking.. what if they turn out to be a bunch of weirdos? Who in their right mind would meet up strangers because of an actor? Hehe! A weirdo like me.Today, not only do we meet up very often, we also took up a stall at a flea market.

Speaking of flea mart.. that was my virgin try selling at a flea mart. I dreamt of all the extra money I would be making that day. But as they say, you think money fall from the sky is it? So easy to make money meh? Sigh, I only managed to sell 2 pieces. Enough to cover the rental but I don't think I can do this for a livelihood. I'll probably be down on my knees, begging people to buy from me. But how come got so many flea marts and push carts? How do these people make money???

Green restaurants
Organic/ health/ vegetarian food is gaining popularity, particularly organic food. Even NTUC, the local, everyday supermarket sells them now. And that's saying something.

Anyway, because of hubby's vegetarian diet, we are always constantly on the lookout for eating places. The Green Room is an organic, vegetarian cafe (you cannot get any healthier) and is part of the Aramsa -The Garden Spa. It's the first and so far only spa to be located in a park. Quite a novel idea.

Anyway, we decided to check out the cafe and found the food to be quite good. no, serious. Really. It wasn't too expensive either, considering that they were serving organic food. And the environment is very pleasant. I think it will be even prettier at night. Not a bad place to have a meal. Valentine's Day, anyone? Then can take a walk in the park after that. Just remember to bring mosquitoe repellent if you intend to get romantic in the park. Haha!

The Green Room:
Aramsa- The Garden Spa
Bishan Park II
T: 6556 1533

November 2006

It's been ages since I've been to Sentosa. The last time I was there, it was for a camp and I had to help supervise 100 over kids. Hardly the time for relaxing. It's always amazing how you almost never go to the places that's near you. But because of work, I went to Sentosa 3 times last year. It's a record beaker for me.

I don't think there's many changes but with the casino (sorry, Intergrated Resort) being built there soon, I'm sure the changes will come. Universal Studios will be there and not Disneyland, thank goodness! There seems to be a few more beach bars... but somehow the whole place still doesn't have the lazy, carefree feel of Phuket or Langkawii. I did hear that the beach volleyball matches on weekends draw quite a bit of crowd. I don't know, I've never seen one. My weekends are spent trying to clean up the house. Haha!

Anyway, I was helping to organise a dinner event for an overseas company. They wanted a beach venue but wanted it to be a little more formal. The whole event turned out quite well and my client was happy because their clients were happy. Thanks David! And oh... must show you the grand, brand new toilets at Sappahire Hall. This one under lock and key and is only open to the guests attending event at the hall. Must pay extra to use it...Wah!

Arab Street
Arab Street is fascinating. I've never really explored the place until I had to because of work. It still has many of the old shops but it is also intersped with a sprinkling of modern, cool shops and restaurants.

And look, a mama store. There aren't many of these left. I think many of these 'mamas' have packed up and went back to India alraedy. I don't see many of them nowadays. It's totally amazing how a very small mama stall can have almost everything.

December 2006

10km run
For 2 years running (no pun intended), I participated in the 10km run of the Standard Chartered marathon run. Of course, I didn't really volunteer lah...hubby signed up for me. I used to run alot in my younger (way younger) days. But nowadays, I much prefer to do a K drama marathon. haha! Anyway, I went slightly more prepared this year- I had 2 practice runs. Haha!. Must say I'm rather satisfied with my result. At least I'm the last. ^^ Yeeew! I took 1 hr 24 minutes to earn the medal.

For those who've never participated in this before, I really, strongly urge you to try it out at least once. When you see a sea of people, all getting ready to run...the feeling and the atmosphere is totally intoxicating. Many people walk, so there's no worry that you'll be the only one doing so. I heard they had to close the registration early last year due to overwhelming repsonse. So book early if you want to join in.

Neptune Theatre
Neptune Theatre was finally going to shut. It had been around for over 30 years and contrary to popular belief.. it is not well known for the topless dancing but for it's dim sum. Yet, I think most of us only remembered about the topless dancing part. Haha! I think the last time I was there was more than 10 years ago at my company's annual D&D. Remembered the senior management was sitting in front of the stage and lapping it up. Hehe!

Anyway, the building will make way for a grand new building, many times higher. It is after all on prime land. But it is an amazing establishment, not just because the entertainment survived the ultra strict, conservative Singapore government, but that there were actually enough paying audience to keep it going. I know it became a bit of a struggle later but's quite amazing Crasy Horse didn't even last a year. 2 of the ladies at my table held their weddings there at the restaurant. It held much precious memories for them.

And so, a few of us joined many others in celebrating the last dinner at this place. Boy, did we have fun. ^^

2006 ended well with both of us just chilling out at home for a whole week. Ahhhh....

Let's hope 2007 will turn out great. ^^

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