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The year in review - Jul to Sep 2006

July 2006

July was a very happening month for me.

- 7th wedding anniversary.
- 1st operation
- 40th birthday

In that order.

Marriage may have been made in heaven, but you have to work on it on earth. Ask anyone who's been in a marriage (or a relationship) lone enough and they will tell you that the 'ever after' isn't all about love, fresh air, flowers and candlelight dinners. It consists of laundry, grocery shopping and bills, hardly romantic stuff. But love, romance and memories are found in everyday daily routine.

- when he washes that pair of dirty shoes for me
- when he prepares breakfast for me
- when he holds my hand as we cross the road
- when we watch a video at home on a Saturday night

The Chinese believe that there's an 'invisible' red string that ties a couple together as soon as you are born. Ours must have been one very long string. ^^

My operation....Ahhh.. (read about it here and here). It was quite an experience because I've never been hospitalised before. It was very strange being wheeled in the operating room, knowing that my body was going to cut up. What do people think about just before entering the operating room. I kept remembering all those hospital scenes in the Korean and Hong Kong dramas. They always seemed to have this scene where the guy/ girl holds on to the hands of the guy/ girl who's 'going-to-be- operated'. Me? I only remember feeling very naked whilst twiddling my thumbs as I waited. I think I did have butterflies in my stoach and wondered what would have happened if I have to make a mad dash for the toilet.

So it was with great relief that we were going on a holiday to Phuket (my story here, here, here, here, here, here and here. I could be as fat as I want here and nobody would know.

And whilst in Phuket, I celebrated my Big 40. Yes, yes, I finally reached the number '4'. But I don't feel 40 leh. Seriously though, being 40 is no different form being 30...only a little wiser..a little calmer.

Me definitely not looking my best

August 2006
Both of us have always enjoyed going to WOMAD. It's always a highlight in our calendar. And it's always exhilarating to see the crowd go wild (well, wild by SG standard). For those who enjoy music and performances, you should attend this event. It's wonderful to just chill out under the stars. Music is truely a universal language.

This little eating place in the the westen part of Singapore has been around for about 60 years. In the old colonial days, it used to serve lots of soliders in the various camps around there. Now it's patronised by a mixture of expats, locals and locals who behave like expats. They all come because of the great food great and and the wonderfully relax environment with a capital 'R'. Chubby Hubby has quite a good review here.

Coldbar in Portsdown Road

September 2006
Hubby celebrated his birthday by going to the Ford Factory. And no, it wasn't my suggestion or my birthday present to him. It was just a place he was curious about. I was only partly aware of this place (I know, I know, shame on me not knowing my own country's history). It was where the British governement surrendered to the Japanese army. How was the place? As museum goes, it's could be better. Perhaps in time to come. Still, it was fairly interesting enough.

It does make me think I should perhaps spend a little more time getting to know my own roots and things that are nearer to me. Often places that are far away seemed so much more attractive that we forget that we have just as interesting spots right at our door-step.

I guess you could say the same about the people around us. Sometimes, I think I know more of what's happening to my friends than my own family members.

2007 seems a good time to change this. Don't you think?

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