Thursday, August 10, 2006

Here, fishy, fishy....

Well, we had only one more day left, we were leaving the next day. There was only one more thing left to do- diving. Phuket is well known for diving, in case you didn't know.

Not me. I swim as well as a rock. Hubby of course. But I tagged along as well though by then I had developed the worse possible cold and cough. So it wasn't as enjoyable as it should be.

We went to Ko Raya Yai/Noi, which hubby went some years before...when he was free and single (I did quized him about any holiday romance then but he has adamantly denied having had any. Hmm..)

They did 2 dives- one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Again, all drinks and food provided. But simple meals lor. And oh yes, I discovered some basic dos and don'ts on a diving trip:

1) Do not go to the toilet when you are near the diving site, especially if you're going to be doing some 'major' business. Why? Because, it's straight from the toilet into the sea. So imagine if you're a diver beneath the boat and you suddenly see a piece of brown bit floating down... not very nice.

2) No throwing of paper or any none edible stuff down the toilet or anywhere into the sea. And in case you're wondering, there's a basket inside the toilet.

3) If you are going to throw up, do it stern (back) side of the ship. Nobody wants to see what you've eating for breakfast or lunch.

Hehe! Am I making you all lose your apptite? Again, not so bad lah. It's all quite logical.

Actually, you can also snorkle and swim..if you can't dive. But I'm afraid I can't do those either. :(

This dive company is quite good. They have a dive master with each group, which is normally a pair. Now that's another job you can consider if you're free and single and want to travel. Get a dive master's cert and then get a job as a dive master as you travel the world. Many of these diving companies hire freelance help.

Hubby getting ready for his dive. There's this big piece of oxygen tank you have strap to your back and also weights to bring you down. Oh, another piece of information. If you're fat, you will need more weights coz it will be harder for you to sink. Hmm.. wonder how much weights I would have needed.

Each dive takes about 45mns to 60 mins- depending on how good you are,ie. how fast you use up the oxygen. The first dive is always the scariest I would imagine.

Initially I thought I would take a nap whilst he was diving but how to sleep with views like this?

And yet, what made the whole trip memorable for me was this:

These fishes and many others were swimming close to the boat. The water was crystal clear and it seems I could see the bottom of the sea. The joy and thrill I felt when I saw them was unimaginable..I know, I know, they're just fishes but it's really quite something to see a school of fishes swimming so close that you could almost touch them. If I could swim, I would have been down in a second. Oh well. This is a case of if I can't go to the fishes, then the fishes will come to me. hahaha!

Another photo with more fishes.. and no, we didn't have them for dinner. ^^

Nice hor... : )

Suddenly, the cold and cough didn't matter any more.


marissa said...

Another beautiful set of photos, glad you shared them here. Swimming is also a major frustration for me, I just can't get the hang of it so you can always see me at the shallow end of a pool.

yeelee said...

cannot tahan! so nice!!!
now you've really made me want to chuck my projects aside and go for a break!

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Ms H,
All your photos look so nice!!
Maybe should go there next time instead of BK. hahaha...

the silent visitor

tiffany said...

Marissa- I can't even swim and I married a husband who's mad about seas sports......


tiffany said...

YL- go and book your holiday lah. Then you will have something to look forward to whilst you're going mad with work.

tiffany said...

JC- welcome, welcome! Don't need to tbe silent visitor. You can talk all you like.

Photos very nice hor? Maybe my skills also very good? hahaha! No lah, the scenary was really very nice. Well, Phuket and BBK provide different distractions. You can always do both you know. : )