Friday, August 18, 2006

Tired Tiffany

Am tired for the past 2 nights. Too many late nights...surfing the net and watching TV..... oo many things to do, too little time.

Must really try and sleep early. Ok, a little earlier than my usual 3 in the morning. Getting panda eyes and wrinkles..

Wanted to do a review of the books that I read during my holiday in Phuket but think will do that another day.

Hubby has recommended that I read this..

Hmm... is this his hint to me that I'm rushing around too much? Guess will start on that when I've finished my current one.... which is this:

What's so special about this book? Hehe! It's in Korean with English translation. Hmm... I guess the review will be done over at my Kimchi blog when I've finished reading it.

Why aren't there 36 hours in a day?

1 comment:

yokee said...

hmm interesting title..weathered blossom ^^

tiff ar..ur scanned copy of the mag over in ur kimchi bloggy too small to read la. n u made me hungry too that i too had to go to sleep early :p hehe

cant remember the name of the k rest. i went the last time but it was in this big shopping mall next to a construction site back in 2003. any clue?

so u also soju person huh? how many pyeong? hehe ^^