Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Chilling out.

Well, after such an exciting start to our holiday, we felt the need to replenish our energy...with breakfast (got no food during the journey) and then we were off.... to bed! Hahaha! Hey, it's a holiday and the beauty of it is that we can sleep as and when we want to, without feeling guilty. Which was pretty much our pattern for the whole week. Wake up- Swim (Hubby, not me)- Breakfast- Nap- Out.

Good right? Remember my blog about Time No Enough? Well, I actually managed to actually do nothing much for a whole week, which was a real pleasure.

But really, that's what most of the tourists do on the beach...
including hubby dearest. Bascially you rent a deck chair for 50Bht (about S$2), buy a bottle of beer (50Bht) and just chill out. You can sit on the deck chairs for the whole day if you like. It was very relaxing, just starring out to the sea, with a drink and book in hand.

Of course, if you get bored, you can always do some people watching. From the young to the old, from Europeans to Asians. In fact, you can even catch a few women's assets which were 'hanging loose and free'. Actually it's something that was explicitly mentioned as a 'No-No' in many of the brochures. Hmmm...

And without fail, every evening, no matter which part of the beach you were at, this scene comes on. Asia's favourite game- Football

And oh... there are lots and lots of dogs around, all having a good time. Not many cats though.

The Dogs of Phuket
Having a drink.
Having fun in the sea.

But this dog really captured our attention...especially its ears. hehe! ^^ Btw, that's it's owners having a snooze in the background. What do they do? Rent out deck chairs. Good job hor? Hubby was tempted to go and ask for an application.

What more can you ask in a job? Sun, sea, fresh air, flexi-hours and a beautiful sunset...


bb said...

wah, very nice!

how about you & your hubby set up stall selling deck chairs, and i'll set up next door selling coconut & beer?

that's life :)

tiffany said...

Haha! Knowing our characters, I think we'll both be bored afte 2 days.

And then we'll be thinking about ways to upgrade and change the whole business.

mrs a said...

How heavenly Tiffany!

Seaside with a favorite refreshing drink (michelob) and a good book! How I would cherish that - especially now!

Ok so if you all have your businesses I want to walk the dogs along the beach! :)

bb said...

ah! i know we can rent dogs out for people to walk :p