Thursday, August 31, 2006


Woke up to heavy rain this morning. Such a refreshing change from the hot weather for the past few days.

Days like that, I wish I could just curl up with a good book, accompanied by a cup of hot tea and good music...

(Busy and Blind. In chinese, they have the same pronounciation)
Singer" Emial Chou 周华建

曾有一次晚餐和一张床 (once there was a dinner and a bed)
在什么时间地点和那个对象 (when, when and with whom)
我已经遗忘 我已经遗忘 (I've already forgotten, I've already forgotten)
生活是肥皂香水眼影唇膏 (living is like soap, perfume, glasses, lipsticks)

许多的电话在响 (phones are ringing)
许多的事要备忘 (alot of things to prepare)
讦多的门与抽屉 (doors and drawers)
开了又关 关了又开如此的慌张 (open and shut, shut and open in a hurry)
我来来往往 我匆匆忙忙 (to-and-fro, in a hurry)
从一个方向到另一个方向 (I go from one direction to another direction)

忙忙忙忙忙忙 (busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, busy)
忙是为了自己的理想 (busy because of one's dream)
还是为了不让别人失望 (or so that we will not disappoint the others)
盲盲盲盲盲盲 (blind, blind, blind, blind, blind, blind)
盲的已经没有主张 (blind till I've become indecisive)
盲的已经失去方向 (blind till I've lost of direction)
忙忙忙盲盲盲 (busy, busy, busy, blind, blind, blind)
忙的分不清欢喜和忧伤 (busy till I can't differenciate between happiness and sadness)
忙的没有时间痛哭一场 (busy till there's no time to cry)

To listen to this song, click here

忙是为了自己的理想 (busy because of one's dream)
还是为了不让别人失望 (or so that we will not disappoint the others

I hope everyone is busy because of one's dreams.


Anonymous said...


The song was sang by Zhang Ai Jia aka Sylvia Chang lah. Not Zhou Hua Jian!! sotong!

JC - the silent visitor

tiffany said...

Well, Sylvia Chang may have sang the song originally but the version I have and remember is Zhou Hua Jian.

I didn't say orginal singer mah.

mrs a said...

I am with you girl - Leave me stay home on rainy/snowy days and let me curl up with a good book and a nice HOT cup of Tea! Now that is a bit of heaven! Who could ask for more!

I work in a car mfg company and lots of gossip, lots of noise and very hectic. Will someone stop the insanity!

Ditto about hubbys/men not talking alot about work. Men just don't get it! They can be so boring at times when explaining something, huh? They always leave out the Good Parts!!!!

yeelee said...


tiffany said...

Mrs A, you can say that again. Now tea, with a good book in front of warm fire is even better. Preferably followed by gin & t. haha!

tiffany said...

yee lee,