Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Can you hurry? We've got a plane to catch!

Well, my holiday got off to an exciting start, I must say. It almost became a holiday that never was..as we nearly missed our plane.

I had gone to bed that night (or morning), expecting my trusty alarm clock (hubby) to wake me up in time. Unfortunately this time, the alarm failed.

Hubby woke me up and said calmly: "It's 5.50am", like it was perfectly normal.

But of course it wasn't. Our flight was at 7.05am!!!!!

Up to today, I still couldn't understand why and how he could have been so calm about it (His reason was that it was no point panicking me). But surely this is major panic time...NO???? But people who know my husband know this this is him. Now me? I would have gone screaming around the house:"Arggghhh!!!!" But therein lies the difference between hubby and me.

Anyway, back to my story.

So, there we were, hurrying as much as we could in record time.

I put on my jeans. %$#@*&^% I forgot about my bloated tummy after my operation and could not zip up my jeans! I grab a pair of pants (making sure it was a drawstring pants) and stuffed everything into my bag. By now, I was looking like a mad woman- no make-up, uncombed hair, mismtached clothes, panicky look.

Made it into the taxi at 6.10am. "Can you hurry Uncle? We've got a plane to catch!"

No way were we going to make it in time. Tried calling all the available Jetstar numbers.

"Our office hours are from 9am to 5.30pm, from Monday to Friday etc....." ARgghhh!!!!! I know that!!! I need to speak to the counter staff. Of course, that most important number was nowhere to be found. After 10 minutes, I gave up.

As we neared the airport, hubby and I got into a slight argument.

Hubby:"You run to the counter and check in."
Me:"I can't run at my present stage. I think you should run to the counter and stop them."
Hubby:"But I can't check in without the lugguage anyway. I think you should go and I'll come with the luggguage."
Me:"But you'll be faster."

It sounds funny now but we were dead serious then.

By some miracle, we reached the airport at 6.30am and managed to get to the counter quickly. Thank goodness for budget airline.. their check-in and boarding time is sooo.... much later than international airline. We couldn't believed it when they actually let us check in!

Still in a dream, we walked towards the boarding gate. Or rather, hubby walked whereas I waddled (as fast as I could).

We got into the boarding gate and then..... waited for the next 10 minutes in a queue to board the plane. Sheesh... I could have waddled a little slower.

Hehe! I shouldn't complain though. We were just so relieved and thoroughly shocked that we didn't missed our plane. I think we remained in shock for the rest of the journey.

After all this drama, it was such a joy to reach our hotel. And these greeted us from our room and the hotel. Sure made up for everything.

From our room

From the lobby

The lobby

Our holiday has started. ^^


mrs a said...

Oh Tiffany! Sounds like you had a very hectic pre-lift off! Never fails when you need to get up early you don't and vice versa.

But what gorgeous pics. Sounds like you had a good one! SO GLAD!

bb said...

hee... what an 'exciting' start :p

but gotta agree with you, waking up at 5:50am when you've a 7:05am flight is major panic time!

p.s. have you heard of people who would actually get to the airport in good time, but still miss their flight? haha, hee, me! done that 2x in hong kong alone :p

marissa said...

I can imagine how you are in "panic" mode and I would have reacted the same way. Nice photos you got there.

tiffany said...

mrs a and marissa- the scenary was truely beautiful. ^^

bb- err... you went shopping and missed your flight is it? Or you saw a cool looking guy and got distracted.

Think I almost had a heart attack over this episode.

bb said...

haha... wrong on both counts... i was hungry and went eating. eating leisurely, if i might add. so... :p

i can still remember once it was that spaghetti place and another time, the chinese soup restaurant... hee...

Ros said...

Yo gal... stay cool man ...
I miss my flight on my way to Shanghai too!... My flight is schedule at 8am. and i woke up at 7:45am ... Err... i know i'm too much! .. Great that u manage to "CATCH" the flight in time.... :)