Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The shampoo lady

On Sunday, an auntie tried to sell me shampoo

I was in my neighbourhood store. The shelves are very close to each other. The aisle is just enough for 2 person...with their butts almost kissing each other. Any bigger butts, and they would be arrested for being obscene.

And in this very narrow aisle, the shampoo lady worked her sales pitch.

She approached this woman who was looking at the various shampoos on display and stood next to her.

"Your hair very dry. Why don't you try this?" she said.

The woman said nothing and continued looking at the shampoos.

"Your hair very dry! Try this one." she said louder, pointing at a particular shampoo

The woman ignored her and tried to carry on but she was obviously not comfortable with someone shouting into her ear on a Sunday morning about the state of her hair.

"Your hair very dry lah. You should try this." she said in a very determind voice.

By now, everyone in the aisle and probably half the shop was well aware about the condition of this woman's hair. Poor woman. She gave up and walked away from the aisle quickly. Needless to say, she didn't buy the shampoo that was supposedly good for her dry hair.

There was no one left in aisle. I knew I would be next so I tried to make up my mind quickly.

Too late. The shampoo lady saw me.

"Try this one. This one very good. Lots of advertisements. Top in Malaysia."


Lots of advertisements = Good shampoo?

Ok, ok, I know it is often the case.. we are lured by advertisements. But err... isn't this a case of being too direct? How is that supposed to convince me that the shampoo is good for me?

Then again, it's not easy selling shampoo in a neighbourhood grocery store. Sometimes though, you don't need shampoo ladies to push the product, you just need the right face on it. Don't believe me? Read about it HERE

I grabbed thhe shampoo that I wanted and almost ran off...before the shampoo lady tells the whole world about my hair.


And writing about buying things from the local neighbourhood store, I was reminded of an interview that BYJ did once. He said he couldn't just go downstairs and buy a pack of sweets (or something like that), his assistant has to do it for him. In my opinion, it's really quite easy. He just need to now how to dress. Just do want all the uncles/aunties do on a Sunday morning.

1- No make-up, better still if unshaven
2- Make sure hair is not neatly combed
3- Wear a striped t-shirt in dull colors and a pair of long shorts
4- Wear black sandals
6- Bring along a market trolley

I am sure no one will give him a second look.... unless the shampoo lady catches him.

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mrs a said...

love your blog and now to embarrass this white lady...what is an AUNTIE?

I know ajummas are grandma or old ladys over 50...gosh! Some day I will know all these terms, I hope!

Take care!