Friday, September 01, 2006

My office life is so exciting

Working on my own has its perks. Flexi hours, comfortable dressing, no boss to report to, no office politics, no gossips.

Actually, I lie.

I do miss the gossips. I miss hearing them from colleagues, the conspiracy type of human interaction.

In other words, I miss being a kaypoh.

Last night, over dinner, as usual, I would asked: "How was your day?" Now hubby is not a gossip person. But people can't seemed to resist telling him stuff. Maybe because he's so quiet, he looks harmless. So I hear the usual office stories of who's left, who's joined, who's in, who's out etc. Unfortunately (I supposed I should say fortunately) he doesn't say alot... in terms of juicy details. just don't know how to tell stories.

I wanted to tell him about my day too. So I racked my brain to think of the most exciting thing that happened that day..

1) Someone new has moved downstairs. I know because I saw the empty cartons and the kitchen windows were opened.

2) There was a lizard in the bathroom. It was big, fat one.

My office life is so exciting.

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