Friday, September 22, 2006

Back to normal

Well... after about a week-and-a-half of shift duties, life has gone back to normal with the arrival of the new maid. Whew! How did our grandparents cope with a large brood, housework and earn a living at the same time?

People always say that's because life was simpler then.

I figured it's because we have made life complicated for ourselves.

A cup of coffee would be just a cup of coffee back then.

You can have 'kopi-o' (coffee without milk) or 'kopi' (coffee). There is only one size.

Now? Step into any of the coffee chain and you are presented with so many choices.

Coffee latte, cuppocino, coffee black, coffee with cream, coffee with milk.

Short, regular, tall...

and the list goes on.

Maybe that's why Korean dramas have become such a hit almost everywhere with its simplistic storylines.

Of course, they are mostly fairytale stories, meant for dreaming and escaping from the world for that few hours. But how boring life would be without the world of make believe.

Anyway, I escaped from my usual life for a short while recently due to the Korean tornado that swept into town on the first week of September. It was truely, really fun.

To read about it, go to my Kimchi blog about Kimchi tornado.

Sorry about this short will definitely be back to normal soon. ^^


mrs a said...

You know I never really thought about it but I believe you hit the mark - we have so many choices now and so much extra to think about and do and that is what makes life so complicated and busier for us.

Shinwha - Only heard of them so went to youtube and saw Once in a Life time and loved it. Sounds very good. I like Bi and Se7en too (especially Passion)

Movies I want to see is #1 - The 4 Gods of course and then Snow Queen as I like Hyun Bin. I finally figured out why I am so attracted to him. He is very much like my first boyfriend. Tall, Lanky, crooked smile, Dk hair, cheekbones and carries himself the same. I found myself just staring at him ahaha. Now it makes since. (But not the same as my BaeYongJoon...ahahah)

Boy the three of you doing the town, wow I bet that was something else. Who watched who?

Glad you had a great time!

tiffany said...

Hi Mrs A... you know, it's near impossible to have simple life nowadays?

Bi's latest song seems pretty good but he is one singer where you ahve his performace or the song doesn't sound as good. try listening to SG wannabe's latest album- the 3rd Masteriece. I really, really like them. ^^

mrs a said...

Great - I will. They are pretty good too - I especially liked nae sa ram
Thanks! :)