Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The year in review - Apr to Jun 2006

April 2006

Quarter finals results. Unfortunately, England didn't win the final match.

Saw Rugby 7's at the National Stadium for the 3rd year running. I like rugby. (See my posting here about it. The junior college I went to was 1 of the 3 top JCs in this sport at that time. It was fun to go down and support the team...and there were always many supporters. ^^ I think there was one year when we won the Grand Slam for lower, upper secondary and the junior college titles...the whole school had the next day off.

But this was the last rugby match at the National Stadium. The stadium is going to be torn down (like many buildings in Singapore, all done in the name of development) and rebuild into something grander. It will only reopen in 2010. My generation grew up with the National Stadium. I've been there quite a few times for for various events..somtimes as a spectator..sometimes as a participant. There were a few concerts held there as well. Michael Jackson was one of them. It was quite something to watch him perform live. The National Stadium will now become a memory for many of us and a new generation will grow up with the new one.

For the 1st time in our 20+ years of friendship, the 4 of us went on a chick trip. (Read about it here and here. After much discussion, arguing and planning, we went off to KL for a long weekend. No husbands, no kids. Just 4 women- reminiscing and catching up. Our 1st loves, our crushes, the teachers, our escapades.. we talked late into the night. Part of what I am today is entwined with them...because those days were one of the most memorable part of my life.

May 2006
I've been lucky, I have a few close, good friends. These are them. I've known them since I was 15...and that was a long time ago. C has been living abroad for nearly 10 years now as she too married a Caucasion. The 2 of us have often joked that we should introduce an 'ang mo' (red hair) to YL as well. Unfortuanately hubby does not have the widest circle of friends and C is too far away.

C was back in SG for a much needed break. We told her to come back to SG for good. There's family and friends here and she wouldn't be alone but I don't think she will. She has gotten used to the lifestyle over there. Most impoartantly, her home there holds much memories for her.

I think she's moving on. I'm glad. Who knows, maybe another romance would come her way in the future. I really hope so.

Election time in Singapore. It was a no event for me though...just like all the other elections. My constituency was a walk-over, ie, no opposition party. Sigh... I may just never have a chance to vote. Maybe I should consider moving to another estate.....The result? PAP of course. There was never a doubt. The betting was on how many constituencies the opposition could win.

June 2006
I lost someone in the family in this month.

Though death is a certainty with all of us and it's only a matter of time when it happens...Yet it's still painful when it happens unexpectantly and unnecessarily. When that person has yet to see the world properly..when you think the whole world stretched out before him...if only he grasped it.

The 2 of us had gotten a little closer the few months before his death. It's strange that it should only happen now after all these years but I was really happy about it. And it will always be my regret that we didn't make this happen a little earlier. I guess I thought there would be enough tomorrows to do it.

I wonder what he's doing. I like to believe that he's much happier where he is now...with the people he loved.


yeelee said...

the song's nice! i like!
i regret not buying any scottish cds when i was there in nov. u got any? can burn for me? hehehe!
my friend, u had to use that obiang pix of me too huh? i think we need to take some better ones together, right?

tiffany said...

Haha! Yes, you should have bought some cds there. I really do quite like Celtic songs. No problem with your request.

As for photo...sigh... I don't look any better then you ok. I agree, can we take better photos next time? ^6

mrs a said...

the most cherish thing in life is good friends. In 2006 I got to meet up with 2 of my best friends from 1st. grade on. Although I moved to the midwest and they remained back East we never could get all together. Finally in a restaurant back East we met and talked over 5 hours before the waitress asked us if we could pay as she was leaving! Talking those good times,school times, and catching up is the best thing in the world to do with a friend. I am so glad you got to do it.

Only do it more often than I have done it. haha Sounds like you know how to do it the right way - going on a chick trip!