Thursday, May 11, 2006

*Only love can break a heart, but a shoe sale can come close*

*Only love can break a heart, but a shoe sale can come close*
This is the title of a comic by Cathy Guisewite, who writes a series of comics on this 30+ single woman. Quite funny, some of them and rather reflective at times too.

Shoes and bags are 2 weakness of women when it comes to shopping. Imelda Marco had thousands. I know of friends who bought different colours of the same style of shoes(strangely, never bags though). Husband fails to understand the need for the different types of black shoes- the formal, the informal, the semi-formal, the casual, the hip...

What has this got to do with my chick trip? Well bb was asking for more photos. I'm afraid there aren't many. Don't think many people would want to see the different shoes in the different shoe shops.

Oh wait, I did take a photo of this very interesting bar @ Starhill. Lots of coloured lights and glass. Will check it out the next time I'm there again.

Day 2
Our military strategy- to have a full breakfast and skip lunch. Shall not bore everyone writing about the food. Surface to say we were well armed. ^^

We took a taxi to this mega shopping mall- One Utama, which was about 30 minutes away from KL city centre.

I can only say that it's big. You can spend a whole day there. We went from shop to shop (quite a few shoe shops)and didn't even cover half of the mall. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on which way you look at it), the shoe shops held no interest for me. I can't buy shoes off the rack and can only customised them. My friends would know why. hehe!

We only stopped for a break when SK needed her coffee fix and SC craved for her ice cream. Well, we were on an indulgent trip.

Just how much did we shop? Ok, now this is an extreme example:
Espirit was having a sale for some of their items- up to 70% off.
We bought enough to qualify for the VIP card (min of RM$300). The VIP package has several vouchers- one of them is a 30% discount voucher.
We used the voucher and qualify for another VIP card.
We used the 2nd voucher too.

Hubby, if you’re reading this, mine was only a small part of the whole purchases. Really! I not bluffing you!

I think the salesgirls were quite glad to see us leave after a couple of hours in the shop.

Now, I had yet to buy anything back for my family. I know, I know, shame on me, right? So I decided to head down to Parkson (a big supermarket) after dinner to get some tidbits. It was the same for the other 3 girls.

So we walked towards Parkson. Determind to at least buy some stuff back, to sort of justify our trip.

We never made it there. Sigh.

Sales items should never be allowed to be displayed in the middle of the atrium to tempt innocent people like us. It’s a crime.

What did I say about shoes?
SK bought a pair of very nice shoes at 90% off.
She's not sure if she will wear it but we all agreed it was a good bargain. Need I say more?

After all the eating and shopping, there was only one thing left to do. That night, we had a good chat till 3 in the morning.

Our school life back then, skipping classes to watch movies, the many teachers we had, the various classmates and what became of them. Who went out with whom. Who dumped whom. Who married whom.
We laughed over our crushes and ex-boyfriends.
Some funny, some not so funny, some lasted for a long time, some were short-lived. Some were beautiful and some were heart breaking.

We talked about the crush I had a crush for this guy for the longest time ever and the dramatic break-up of SK. Our marriages now. What might have been. What could have been. What will be.

It was good to catch up.

Day 3
Our coach was leaving at 3pm in the afternoon so there was only time for a quick shopping spree in the morning for the dvds. Shhh……

We were tired on the way back so we didn’t talk much. In fact, l slept pretty much throughout the journey. Good way to catch up with my sleep. Hehehe!

And so there it is, my chick trip.
Nothing eventful. Nothing exceptional. I think the only thing we regretted was the fact that we didn’t managed to go for our spa treatment. Next time I guess.

My 3 beautiful good friends.

有缘千里来相会 - One will meet across the miles if it's destined to
无缘对面不相识 - One will never meet across the street if not destined to

Life at 17.
Life at 40.
Here’s to life at 60. : )


bb said...

omo omo, i love love love that line... yesh yesh yesh! only love can break a heart, but a show sale can come close. how true. how very true.

your trip sounds so fun, except... that it seems a little short. actually, you're making me wanna go KL. ya, think i'll arrange a trip there next month.

miss the bars at bangsar. did you know there's a very good nasi lemak stall under a big tree there? and there's also a mdm kwan's restaurant that's got nice local food. and of course, the watering holes...

yea, wanna go shopping too... twin towers, midvalley... mmm...

wanna go wanna go wanna go...

and... as with most chick trips, other than the shopping and makan, the late-night-chats are the best, ya? glad you've enjoyed your trip. and thanks for sharing.

p.s. next stop jejudo?

tiffany said...

I was thinking of you when I wrote that title. ^^

Yeah, it was a little short. Another day would have been good. next stop? Jejudo or HK would be good. hehe!

Thanks for stopping by. I've been so busy I didn'y even visit my own site...*hangs head in shame*

bb said...

haha, i was so excited i even spelt 'shoe' as 'show'... :p

p.s. hee, how about next stops HK AND jejudo...?

yeelee said...

so you were writing this when your laptop froze huh? glad you girls had fun.

but why do you keep blurring those pictures? nothing incriminating right?

tiffany said...

HYL ah... nothing incriminating but not everyone wants their pictures splashed all over the internet lah....