Saturday, May 20, 2006


IT products have become so sophisticated nowadays that they've become idiot-proof. Or so all these companies claim.

Yet, ...the number of times I can't get these idiot-proofed products to start....I wonder... am I 'idioter' than an idiot?

Seriously, who understands all those mumbo-jumbo stuff that only the programmers or IT mad people would understand?

Me? I just want to plug in my laptop/ camera/ printer and just get it up and running. Please don't ask me for questions I can't answer and information that I don't even know where I should be looking for. As far as I'm concerned, idiot-proof should mean just that- click and go.

You know what is even more frustrating?

When you click on the Help and Support icon and it says you have to be connected to get help. But that was the whole point! I was trying to get connected!

So I have to get online to find out why I couldn't get online??????

There's a conspiracy out there.

I'm very certain all these programmers have installed one of those hidden cameras th in the products. They are probably laughing at us as we struggle to set up these products that we've just spent an obscene amount on...swearing and cursing as we resist the temptation to just throw our shiny new toys out of the window.

I'm sure they feel it's payback time for calling them geeks during school days.


My only consolation is that I'm not the only idiot in the house. My husband couldn't solve the problem either.


bb said...

someone has a new laptop...? :p

hee... hope you've gotten things figured out by the time you read this.

Jos said...

yes, great tt u got a new laptop 'on-time'. hehe...

luvjoon aka chiligoyo said...

"IT Support, how many I help you?"

That is the exact line I use almost each time I picked up the phone at work. You can tell what job I'm working as already, right? Hehehe!

So what's up?? Can't get connected? Hey, there's always the phone ya know? Call and leave the questions to them! Be demanding and you will get what you want.. *wink*

tiffany said...

Hi hi!

Hehe! I should call you instead... ^^ Yeah, am going to call them if I can't still get it sorted out over this weekend. Got no time to look at it the last few days.....

There's stubborn part in me that says: "I can't be an idiot, right?"

Right? ......