Thursday, May 18, 2006

Look back with no regrets

Someone told me she didn't like this kind of 'moral' story. It's very hard to choose and there isn't any right or wrong.


It's kind of depressing, sin't it?

But I wasn't out to make everyone sit down to think about right or wrong. I guess I just want everyone to just think. What actually really captured my interest was the ending......

Judge Deed lifted the injunction. I believe it is a decision that any 'sensible' person would make.

Cut to the scene in the hospital, in Peter's room with a group of nurses and his parents. Peter knows they want to prepare for his operation and that the injunction has been lifted. he tried to pull of all the tubes that are attached to his body. He is struggling and kept saying 'No, no!'

His parents is trying to calm him and his mother keeps telling him to look at her and that it will be alright. Seeing his son's violent reaction, at one point, his father said:'Are you sure we're doing the right thing?' His mother shouted back:'Of course we are!'

Peter died in surgery. he did not wake up from the coma.

I guess you could say he willed himself to die. He did not want to live on terms that are against his beliefs.

- Is what we think that is the best for another person really the best?
- Are you prepared to die for your beliefs?
- Does one person's effort count?
- Have we lived each day as if it's the last?

Will we look back with no regrets?

I think neither Peter nor his parents regret their choices and decisions. I'm certain given the same choices and situation again, the same decisions will be made.


yeelee said...

ahh…my zen teaches me
…don't think, only do it!
no right, no wrong
…only just like this
got it?…no?
keep a don't know mind
…find your true self
then you'll see it.

bb said...

what you said about living today as if it's our last kindda reminds me of BYJ. he's said before that he always gives his bestest-best in his current project as if it's his last.

tiffany said...

ahh... bb, the tricky part is actually doing it. It's often easier said then done. : )