Friday, May 19, 2006

Return of the Condor Heroes

Hands up, those of you who remembered the Hong Kong entertainment in the 80's.

Hands and legs up those of you who remembered the hit drama, "Return of the Condor Heros".

I'm not talking about the Louis Khoo version. I'm talking about the definite version by a very young Andy Lau and Idy Chan.

I remembered.

It was like the WLS of today. It had everyone glued to the screen, from my grandmother to my aunties. The songs were hits and we would be playing them day in and day out. In fact we were so hooked that we were watching the last few episodes within one day. We watched the the second last episode till about 2am in the morning and then thought we'd better be sensible and go to bed. We were up a few hours later at 5am to catch the last episode. We couldn't stand the suspense.... including my grandmother. hahaha!

In those days, there was no dvd. We rented tapes from the video shops. These tapes arrive like about a week after the episode is aired on the HK TV. One episode per tape. So if it's 20 episodes, you have 20 tapes. If it's a very popular drama, you have to queue. So sometimes, you watch a drama till ep 15 and then may not get to watch the rest of it till 3 weeks later. I think it's still being done now. Only it's dvd instead of tapes.

Anyway, back to Return of the Condor Heros.

Andy Lau was young then. He still had some puppy fat and had already starred in a few dramas but he wasn't well known. This drama made him a star.

Though he didn't have as much effect on me then as BYJ did now, he did leave a very deep impression on me. He was Yang Guo and together with Idy Chan as the Little Dragon Girl, they were a perfect on screen couple.

Anyway, both he and Idy Chan created quite a storm in the little red dot, Singapore. And thus shortly after the drama ended in HK, both of them came to Singapore to cash in on the popularity.

If I remembered correctly, I think they performed at World Trade Centre and I think I went with SW. I can't really remember. Actually, I couldn't really recall much of the performance either. I did remember our seats weren't too bad, I could actually see them fairly up close. But I'm not sure if I had paid for those expensive tickets. You see, back then, as very poor, struggling students, we would buy the cheapest tickets and then when the lights dimmed and the show was about to start, we would all rushed forward and filled the good seats in the front rows. haha! There was much less control then.

Anyway, don't think the show was very memorable. He hadn't started on his singing career then but I think it was ok. Looking at the photos now, I think some of the dance moves/ poses were quite silly. hehe!

Told you they were silly poses.

Of course back then, we didn't think so lah and enjoyed every minute of it.

Anyway, after the show, my friend suggested that we should go to the back door and wait for him. Initially, I hesitated. I wasn't used to doing such things. But I couldn't resist the temptation and the urgings of my friend. And so we waited outside the back door, together with some fans. Not many. Not like today, where he would probably have a few hundreds of fans waiting. Then, there were maybe about 20 to 30?

And just as I thought this was madness and we should leave. He came out. And this was what happened next:

He was really very young then. So was I.
Though actually in reality, he's not that much older than I am.

Now I wonder if I could auction off this photo.
Maybe I should placed my precious 'BYJ-hugging-me photo' next to it and framed them both up.

What do you all think? ^^

*Postnote: will the person who has my set of Return of the Condor Heroes kindly return it to me? I'd like to watch my Yang Guo again...


bb said...

omo omo... that's you? don't like you leh...

i never had any pics taken with any stars before YJ. come to think of it, i've never waited for anyone, or gone anywhere to see anyone before YJ.

don't la, don't auction la. ya, keep it next to your hugging picture and make everyone drool lor :p

tiffany said...

bb- like I said, I was very young then.......