Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Someone has to take responsibility

I've often found British detective/ crime dramas much more interesting than American ones. Many will say that they are rather slow. Well, I guess it's not in the English character to go:'Bang, slam, hit, whizz' as they tend to prefer understated emphasis. Slow they may be but they are definitely not boring.

Husband and I have recently became very interested in this particular drama- Judge John Deed, starring Martin Shaw. According to husband, Martin was rather popular in the 70's as he's quite a charmer. I can believe my husband. Martin Shaw has a certain charisma like Sean Connery and BYJ, despite the slightly protruding tummy and grey hair.

There are various stories in each episode but they are all connected or carries the same the same message. And the cases are always thought provoking.

But what's even more interesting is Judge John Deed himself.

He's a senior judge.
He's also a controversial judge, often pushing the limits of the law in his sentencing.
He's also something of a playboy and sometimes I wonder how he managed to rise to that position but I guess as long what he does privately do not affect his judgement, we shouldn't be judging him for hsi private life.

And so every Sunday, 9pm, would find us parked infront of the TV, with pizza and beer on hand. ^^ Last Sunday's story was really quite interesting, perhaps even more so for my vegetarian husbandmfqe

Peter 8I forgot the character's name) is a 15 years and 11 months old boy suffering from a heart disease. He has a rare chance to receive a heart transplant. But Peter is also a vegetarian since he was 2 1/2 years old.

If he receives the heart, he will be on medication for the rest of his life. Medication that has been tested on animals, where they suffered and done in the name of advancing scienec. He feels that animals and man are equal and animals should not be made to suffer so as to save mankind. It is cruel to the animals because they were given no choice in this matter. Even if they were treated humanely during the process of reseach, they still suffered. It is mainly for this reason that he objects to the transplant. He ie a very clear minded, intelligent boy, who reads widely and is capable of making sound decisions.

His parents, especially his mother feels that this belief of his is but a romantism, a fad. As a mother, she cannot bear to watch him die. She loves him dearly and that it is her responsibility to save him. She feels she is doing the best for him as he is incapable of making a decision as a minor (even though he is just weeks away from being regarded as an adult legally).

Without the transplant, he would definitely die very soon in a matter of weeks.
With the transplant, there is still no guarantee he will live but there is a fighting chance.

Peter took out an injunction against the transplant and Judge Deed has to decide if

1) the injunction should be lifted because he is still a minor and the parents' and medical specialists directions should be followed.


2) let the injuntion remain so that the boy's wishes can be carried out. He is clearly certain of the consequence of his decision and the grief that it will cause his parents.

There is no right or wrong answer in this matter, only what one 'thinks' is the best for Peter.

If the translpant goes ahead, Peter will be kept alive for the rest of his life with the very things that is so against his core beliefs. He may even hate his parents for clearly forcing him into this situation. However, he may live to be able to do more good for the society.

I will post Judge Deed's decision and the outcome of that decision later. Give it some thought first.

There was this line that Peter mentioned to Judge Deed that was very simple but very hard to follow:

"Somone has to take some responsibility for the actions of the other."

Here's the link to the drama series:

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bb said...

sounds like something worth watching... kindda reminds me a little of Picket Fences, except that PF is american.