Tuesday, April 17, 2007

25 years

I've known these girls for more than a quarter of a century. It sounds scary, doesn't it? 25 years.

Those times we shared seems so long ago and yet at the same time, I can remember them as if they were only yesterday.

The strict discipline mistress who could whither us with just a look
The stumpy PE teacher
Having our breaks in the school canteen
Making sure that our uniform was fashionably just above the knee
Going shopping in Orchard Road
Having crushes (on both boys and girls^^)
Cramming for exams
Girls talk

But I don't think we ever talked about future..where we would be..what we would be doing..At 15, we were only concerned with now and tomorrow. The future was too far away.

I shared many happy memories with these group of friends during those carefree days. They are a part of me..of who I am today.

Through these years, we've all had our ups and downs, walking our own paths, getting married, raising children, establishing a career. Some of us have children now who are the same age as we were then when we first met. But we've stayed in contact somehow.

I remember watching this Korean movie- the teacher told the class. It went something like that:
Within the universe, there's this earth that we live in
Within this earth, there's Singapore
Within Korea Singapore, there's this school
Within this school, there's this class

It is truely amazing how in this whole wide universe, total strangers could become classmates and friends.

I had a great time the other night girls but let's not wait too long for the next gathering. I believe it's Nora's turn to host? ^^

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yeelee said...

it's nice to be still in touch with everyone
and some of them are still as noisy as ever…hehehe!
i still have prob seeing the pix >_<