Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Recently, a couple of overseas friends were in town for a day. We thought it would be fun to go on one of those duck tours. It was quite fun and along the tour I managed to take a photo of this private esate- Tanjong Rhu.

Nice right? I checked up on the prices and found that it could cost as much as S$2.4million. Wow! That's alot of money.....

Curious, I looked through the property prices on the internet.

For the same S$2.4million, you can also get: A private island of your own in New York.
According to the site, the island has deer, wild animals and ginseng. It is also only about 4 hours away from new York City.
More infor, go here

Don't want an island, then how about a nice country house in Devon, England?

This place has 6 bedroom, 3 bathrooms and 3 reception rooms, 3 garages and a nice big garden. There is a nice meandering stream near the summerhouse.
For more infor, go here

England and US too far away, how about something nearer home then, like a villa in Bali.

This villa has its own tennis court, a separate 2 story guest pavillion as well as a guest cottage. With river view, a huge garden and lawn.
For more infor, go here

So now you know what you can buy if you have S$2.4million, which I do not....


Sue said...

It looks great

Luh2 said...

Where did you get those nice pics? Thanks for sharing them. I like the cottage in Devon ...

tiffany said...

Hi Luh2

Internet surfing lah.... like I said, I was curious to find out what can S$2.4 million get me in other parts of the world.

Yeah... I like the house in Devon too but I don't have S$2.4million..

Maybe I should go buy Toto or 4D tjis weekend. ^^

tiffany said...

The Tanjong Rhu photo was taken by me though. :P

Luh2 said...

I also saw the Tanjong Rhu apartments for the first time while on a duck tour...

Very nice ... no wonder the property price there is sky high!

BTW, thanks for leaving a message on my blog -- was rather surprised to see your message though... your Chinese is good!


tiffany said...

hehe! Thanks Luh2

Have to thank my Chinese teachers, the HK dramas, Gu Long, Jin Yong, the Taiwanese love movies, Qin Kai Lun and Qiong Yao for my Chinese. haha!