Saturday, May 19, 2007

Driving hazard

I heard this news over the radio yesterday..that a 105 years old lady become the oldest driver in the world. She's been driving for over 70 years and she doesn't have a driving license as such thing didn't exist then. They just buy a car and start driving. But she does not have a single accident in her driving record.


And me? I just had my first driving lessons last week and probably became the latest hazard on the circuit.

I'm not sure if I can live to 105 and even if I did, I'm not sure if I can still drive at that age.

Heck...I'm not even sure if I can pass my test.

I'm certain I'm going to have an accident within the circuit whilst I'm learning driving. My driving instructor kept asking me if I was very nervous...which I was.

I mean...all these cars on my left and right...not to mention all those motorcyclists as well. If only they can get out of my way, I wouldn't be so nervous. As it was, I gripped the steering wheel tightly everytime I see a car either on my left or right.

And don't even ask me the number of times I stopped suddenly and threw my instructor off.. He kept saying 'brake slowly, apply the brakes gently'. BUT that's what I did!!!! Well, I thought that's what I was doing, anyway.

And how on earth do you co-ordinate all those movements between the legs, the hands and the eyes???? I'm forty, my refelxes aren't that good anymore...I can only do one thing at a time.


Well..I'm having more lessons next week, and the week after that, and the week after that. Actually I'm having lessons for many weeks to come. And I'm convinced that either I or my driving instructor will have a heart attack before the end of my lessons.

Wish me luck people!


yeelee said...

after all that nagging, u finally stepped into the circuit and started your lessons. can't wait to be chauffeured around by u! ^_^

tiffany said...

Err... you sure you want to be chauffered by me? I don't even trust myself. haha!

Anonymous said...

Mrs Jaycock,

Wait till the time come when you are suppose to drive out the the roads. it's even more nerve racking. And you don't drive at 10 - 15 km/h like when you are in the circuit. =P

the silent visitor

tiffany said...

Thanks JC... you're really reassuring....