Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Handphone

I noticed a strange phenonmenon on 2 occasions very people behave in a restricted area with strangers. Both involved the 'indispensible' accessory- the handphone.

I attended a briefing yesterday. The room was small and there were about 11 of us. Except for 2 girls who knew each other and were chatting away merrily, the rest of us were strangers to each other. So what happened?

1 of them read a magazine
3 of them just sort if starred into space
The remaining 5 were on their handphones. Now I'm not sure if they were reading /sending smses or just starring blankly into the phone (it's better than starring into space right? At least, you would seemed to be busy and don't have to make eye contact)

Today, in the crowded train, I noticed a similar trend. Though this time, they weren't 'using' their handphone so to speak... Out of my carriage of about 21 people, 7 of the passengers had their headphones. That's about 33%.

I asked hubby:
'What did people used to do before the invention and easy availability of handphone in a room of strangers?'

He said:
'They talked to each other.'

Hmm... it's probably true, isn't it?

So is the handphone making us closer or further apart?

What do you think?

Me? I'm not sure..let me know think about is whilst I listen to the music on my handphone. ^^

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