Monday, September 24, 2007

Changing jobs

Recently, I received an email from an old classmate. In it, she said : "Have been bored > 50% of the time the past 7 years" she's quit and going to start a new job soon where she hope the word 'bored' wouldn't be part of her vocab.

2 thoughts came into me mind when I received this...

- Wow! She can quit and just pick up another job at her age? Now I'm not saying she's old (well, she's the same age as me...and I'm NOT OLD). But you read in the newspapers all these stories about 'ex' managers, executives and directors (ok, maybe not directors) who find it hard to get a 'new' job when they hit '40' (which seems to be a magical number...hmm...maybe it is...since the number '4' means die in Chinese). I mean, it's totally, totally demoralising. Doesn't help with all the government hype about 'retraining', reeducation', 're-entering'...and all the 're's you can think. In my university days, a 're' means a resit for an exams...which really isn't too good.

So, of course, most people hang to their job for their dear life. And even if you do get a job offer, you hesitate to take it up because you're not sure if it's worthwhile taking the risk. What if the company shuts down? Or you get retrenched? Or you find out that your new boss is even worse than the previous one? Better to stick with the devil you know right?

Which then leads to another question or problem...however way you look at it.

If the 'oldies' don't move out, then how are the 'newbies' going to move up?

I remember KC complaining to me years ago (when he was about 30) and had just joined a local bank. He reckoned he was never going to be able to move up the ladder becasue they were all occupied by long timers.

Now that he's in the 40's and belong to those old timers...I wonder.... will he moving out? hehe! I must check with him...or if he is reading this...(he did used to, before all the distraction came along)...give me a call and let me know. ^^

- and the 2nd point? She was bored with her previous job.

Now that something quite unusual. Because most people are really probably quite bored with their job. I mean, how many people really want to 七早八早 wake up, compete with about 2 million people on the road, so that you can reach the office in time for endless meetings, answering meaningless questions. Repeat this 5 times a week and even remotely 'ok' jobs become boring. Not many people have really, really 'interesting' jobs anyway. And if they do, they probably don't get paid well...not unless you're Mr Lee Ang or Mr Dennis Foo.

So most of do not quite because a job is boring...Most of us that we can have the means to do interesting stuff.

Even for me, with my flexi hours....I'm frustated at times....

That's why we all dream of winning the lottery big time. (hubby dear, if you're reading this...and I know you do...can you please work a little harder on those winning tickets? Pleazzze?)

Actually, I do want to change job too...well...not so much change job as to expand on what I'm already doing based on my interest.....

I'm seriously exploring the opportunities to do some tie-ups on my kimchiblog or even this you people have any ideas or leads...drop me a note hor.

In the meantime, it's back to the reality of selling ad space.....just in case my editor checks out this site and finds me writing when I should be selling.

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mrs a said...

hi Tiffany! I love your thoughts here. Right on the mark. I keep saying when am I going to win the Lottery! I have things I want to do and no time or money to do them!
Take Care!