Friday, March 23, 2007

Drinking on the job

No, I didn't strike the lottery and isn't a millionaire. Which is precisely the reason why I haven't blogged for awhile. Whilst that 2 winners (I think there were 2) are celebrating their windfall, I have to continue working and slogging away.

Which was why I ended up attending 3 functions last night. From 6.30pm last night, I went from a hotel in town to a pub in Shenton Way area to a entertainment spot in Clarke Quay. And I actually see some people at all 3 functions.

There was free flow of drinks.
There was free food.
There was free loud music.
There was plenty of women all dressed up to look at.
There was enough men around (not sure if they was cute as the place was too smokey to see them up close)
There was plenty of seond hand cigerette smoke to inhale as well.

You would have thought that I would be partying the night away especially when it's free flow of drinks...but I was actually dying to get home by the time I got to the last function venue.

What? You say? Why? I was in a 'in and cool' place with all these 'hip' people.

I don't that point in time, I can only think of getting away from the thumping loud music, the smokey air and the energy-draining job of making polite conversation with people that I do not know and back to the comfort of my home. I guess I'm not very hip anymore.

I escaped at about 10pm and came home to a nice hot shower and a bowl of instant noodles.

Instant noodles? What about all the free food?

As it's always the case with such functions, the drinks are more easily available that the food. The hosts are more determind to get the guests drunk than to feed them.


After all the 'working' last night, it's back to more work today....

Thank goodness it's Friday.


yeelee said...

sorry pal
i know u're busier nowadays but still recall u to help at the centre
appreciate ur effort

tiffany said...

YL, I'm more than happy to be 'recalled'. It's actually less stressful dealing with a couple fo hyperactive boys than socialising with a whole bunch of strangers. ^^