Friday, March 02, 2007

Kimchimen & the $10,000,000 dream

I was queuing up today, buying my ticket to my early retirement. (See posting here), when I heard something familiar.......very familiar.

It was a man's voice. Well, there was nothing very spectacular about the voice BUT 'it' was speaking in Korean!
(For those not aware, most of us who're learning the language prick up our ears whenever we hear the kimchi language. We would listen intently, trying to figure out what they're saying)

I looked up and saw a group of men in front of me. They were also in the queue.

And then one by one, I saw them going up to the counter and saying confidently: "System 7 - 4(sets)", "System 7 - 1(set), System 8 - 1(set)" etc.

Wow! Are these kimchimen also trying their luck for the S$10,000,000 dream tomorrow. I guess if you can't beat them, you might as well join in right? hehe!

Maybe next time when I'm in Kimchiland, I should also try their lottery games. I may more luck overseas. Haha!

And yes, I bought my Toto Hong Bao tickets already. I'm ready to retire early. ^^

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Han Min Chung said...

You're not on blog for quite long time so I guess your dream came true?

By the way if you want to listen Korean you can just call me. haha, I can speak quite good Korean.