Monday, October 02, 2006

Children's Day

Did you know that it was Children's Day yesterday? Those with children in the primary school level and below would know. There would have been lots of celebrations in school on Friday and it would have been half day for them.

Anyway, as in every year, the volunteers at SHG- CDAC would plan food and games for the kids. And so on Saturday, 30th September, our kids got to celebrate Children's Day one more time. (See my blog on SHG & CDAC here)

Actually, there were lots of activities going on that day as CDAC had a couple of events on as well. The kids were having a wild time watching and participating in the fun. Naturally, they were alll distracted and it required conjoling, stern warning and bribery to get the kids to even study for that just one hour.

Finally, at 3.40pm, the kids were let off and it was time to party!

The Food Spread

Food for the kids...volunteers not included and... close encounter of the food kind

The Kids
What were they playing?

I discovered that they have a Hello Kitty version of the game UNO..I think I very 'suaku'.

Two of my charges- the boys in red t-shirt and striped t-shirt.

The Games
You know, kids will be kids, whether you are 10 or 13. When we thought of the games, we were alittle hesistant as we weren't sure if the kids would find it interesting. But guess what, they enjoyed themselves immensely. There were different stations and points were awarded for how well they do at the stations.

This proved to be more difficult than we thought for the kids as not many of them could do it. I tried it and managed to knock down the hahaha! Well, all the cans did fall but no points.

A look of concentration as he attempted to pick up as many marbles as possible. I was quite amazed as most of them were quite adept at this..though they weren't necessarily holding the chopsticks right way.

This was probably one of the easiest game.... mini basketball.

Memory game- you have to match the cards. Obviously some did better than others. Hehe! I like this kind of game and often play it on my PDA.

The kids were supposed to fold their own paper aeroplanes and fly them. This was easier said than done but I think the boys enjoyed it especially. When was the last time you fold a paper aeroplane?

We thought this would be difficult for the kids but they seemed to have no problem as well. Should have asked them put 2 bean bags on their head. hahaha!

Waiting for the results....who won the top prize? That was the one most important question.

And the answer is......... Nicole!

I think his winning points was in the bean bag station where he managed to do 15 times. Nicole is in Primary 6. Rather naughty but I must say quite good looking. Don't know whether he will become more trouble when he goes to Secondary 1 next year. I suspect there will be girls problem...if he doesn't have them already.

The brothers

I really like this photo. The older brother is now in Secondary one. For the past 3 years, he has been been coming to CDAC. This is his 4th year now. And ever since I can remember, he has always been scolded by all of us for being naughty, for being rude, for being a sore looser, for crying easily. And yet, he still comes to the centre on a Saturday afternoon when he could be out with his new friends. I mean, when you are 13, do you really want to hang around younger kids and do work on a Saturday afternoon? But he and some other kids that we've been teaching still come down and seemed to enjoy it too. If nothing else, it keeps them off the street and the danger of mixing with undesirable characters. I guess we must have been doing something right somewhere along the way.

His little brother is in Primary 4 this year and is just as naughty. I've been taking him for the last few months when I waa recalled back to help out. Often, I have to tell him not to behave like a gangster. But boys will be boys and there are often fights and quarrels amongst them. But 10 minutes later, they will be sitting next to each other and be the best of pals. So it's a real test of judgement to decide if you should play mediator when quarrels break out.

But I really like the kids I've been teaching and hope that they will benefit from their brief interaction with me.

The whole gang

Volunteers and children.

Children are always a treasure and it is a joy to watch them enjoying themselves. That's what childhood should be about.

Happy belated Children's Day to all... the young and the young-at-heart.


Jos said...

I have the Hello Kitty UNO cards :)

mrs a said...

Oh, I truly loved this blog! How wonderful you and others are to spend time with kids.

I would tend to guess the bigger brother is coming every Saturday because he feels like people there care and love him by showing him guidance,direction and a kind word. I do believe Kids see that better than us Gr-umps.

What a great idea! Childrens Day sounds wonderful! KUDOS to all of you. Sounds like it was a fun time!

tiffany said...

Mrs A, sometimes it can be tough for the us volunteers to give up our Saturdays, especially if you've been working the whole week. But when you see the kids enjoying themselves and turning out well, all seems worthwhile. The older brother is still a load of problem and is still being told off by us...but he still turns up anyway.

Do you not have Children's Day over there in the US?

mrs a said...

Unless I am mistaken we do not. We seem to have everything else. I wish we did. You will receive many blessings for the joy you have bring them.

Remember they don't always show it but they do appreciate the efforts you did for them. As they grow they will remember that guidance, kind smile, hug or someone just being there around them showing they are there for them. And boys never like to show it usually, you know they have to be tough.

It is sad but I don't think some kids have anyone - times are so hectic that even the best intentioned parents have a hard time getting time to just put food on the table. So God Bless you all. Remember they are the world of tomorrow. :)

You all are special!