Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Julia

Not sure what she is doing now...

Probably shopping in Myeongdong or having lunch in Gorilla or maybe eating one of those delicious cake in O'sulloc. Whatever it is, I'm sure she is having a great time... eating all my favorite food in Korea. See my post here

Or maybe, she's just sipping coffee in one of those posh cafe in Apgujeong...looking out for good looking actors...

Sigh... I know she already saw one yesterday... This man----->

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA! Many, many happy returns!

And for the other pretty girl.... looking forward to seeing a brand new you soon.... ^^

Just in case you ladies want to have some nice cakes and are reading this blog... check out the KNTO site here

The Plaza Hotel sells specially made Sam Soon and Sam Shik cakes.... yummy....

Can't wait to see you girls and catch up on all the news. : )


생일 축하합니다!

Happy Birthay!

p/s- Could you please either bring back either my main dish or any of my side dishes....*hoping*


bb said...

really? they saw him?!!! where boy, pray tell?! so exciting! hope they've got pics galore!

yea yea yea, bring back one of the men, oh while they're at it, bring 'em all back here :p

p.s. happy birthday gals!

tiffany said...

hehe! I'm sure she will tell you all about it when she's back.

Don't be greedy... if bring all of them back, then got no reason to go Korea anymore.

Maybe we can ask for rotation. hahaha!

bb said...

yea, rotation sounds wonderful!

can you pls call julia to arrange that? we can even work out a rotation thingy to house the men in our homes! if your hubby minds, then i'll take your turn too, thank you very much :p

Jos said...

she looks so radiant and pretty in the pix. no wonder got luck to see one of the men la..haha.

Anonymous said...

hohoh hv not check any blogs for during the whole trip. thks tiff for the birthday wish. really sweet of you.once ros is back we shall have mini gathering oki tiff, bb & jos. I LOVES GATHERING whereby we talk anyhting under the sky kekekekeke :-)