Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How much is that doggie in the.... moon

Well, I was looking forward to looking at a nice, big,round, clear moon on Friday night and what do I get? A hazy, blurry moon. The $%34#@&^ haze from Indonesia had made everything all hazy. So instead of a nice romantic-filled night, gazing at the moon, it became a let's-light-the-lanterns-now-and-shut-the-the windows quick night.

Well.... I was determind to light my lanterns, which I was really looking forward to... so...

Hubby thought I was overdoing it a bit. Really meh? But it's only four lanterns what? Not many right? Afterall, mid-autumn festival comes only once a year. :p

Actually, I would have loved to light up this lantern which I bought especially. This is the old fashion type that I grew up with. Made of cellophane, it's brightly coloured and came in all sorts of shapes and models. It's still being sold nowadays but not as common anymore. Most parents buy their children the safer version- electric bulbs. Personally, I think having a lantern without candles...just isn't a lantern. Oh... I didn't light this lantern in the end as I noticed that holder was too near the bodyframe. The whole lantern would have gone up in flames if I did.

Not that the other lanterns didn't. Went up in flames that is.

Oh yeah... I almost burned down our balcony as one of the paper lanterns caught fire. It was hubby to the rescue as I was just flapping my arms and going:" ohh... ohh.... fire....fire." Good thing I didn't go: "Ottoke? Ottoke?"

I know, I know, not very helpful and bright right? Luckily, there wasn't much damage. Whew! And that was really the end of the Mid-Autumn festival.

If you want to know more about this festival, you can go to Jos's post. She's written a comprehensive post on this subject. ^^

Sad to say, the haze was just as bad on Saturday...bleah....

Luckily, it cleared on Sunday and we went to the this Dog event organised by the SPCA held at the Bishan Park. hehe! The dogs are so cute.. Well..actually, the owners are just as cute. hehehe!

But I really like this dog.. I'm sure Julia will agree with me. hehehe!

Oh... what's the dog got to do with the moon?

Hubby insists there's no rabbit or moon fairy on the moon... only cheese. You will have to watch Wallace and Gromit- A Grand Day Out to know what I'm talking about.

From the official W&G site:

Btw, the song that I'm playing now is called "月亮代表我的心”(The moon represents my heart) by Teresa Teng. It's a classic that's been sung many times by other singers But just like Moon River, the original version is still the best. Teresa's voice is crystal clear.

For those still eating their mooncakes (and you know who you are), remember, too many round mooncakes maketh a round body.



bb said...

hehe... too many mooncakes a rounder body maketh...

so... the chinese think there's a man chopping tree with an axe, a moon fairy and a rabbit on the moon. the japanese think there're two rabbits on the moon. the americans think only louis armstrong had ever gone on the moon. and the english think there's cheese?

wonder what the koreans think... mmmm...

p.s. me too, me too think lanterns are only lanterns if they can be lit up with real candles. thanks for sharing.

tiffany said...

bb, von and I were exhanging sms on Friday. we both agreed that if we eat anymore mooncakes, we wouldnt need to buy air tix to Korea anymore. We'll just roll there.

p/s- and mid-autumn festival is only complete if you burn a lantern or two. ^^

marissa said...

I love mooncake and I have no problem eating more. I went to the rooftop of the hotel that I stayed with some friends last Saturday and enjoyed gazing at a very clear full moon. I miss playing games though because we had none prepared.

yeelee said...

the moon was so dusty looking on fri nite!
i went to the park at 6.15am on sat morning hoping to 賞月 but i couldn't even find it! what a disappointment!
poor moon, waited the whole year for it's big day and the haze had to spoil it…tsk, tsk, tsk!

Anonymous said...

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tiffany said...

Hi Shane, thanks for dropping by and glad you enjoy reading my little posts...^^